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Rob watched the clock tick from one to two three in the morning. He had fallen asleep for an hour… but then he woke up and couldn’t fall asleep again. He wants to sleep. He is tired. He needs to sleep.

Can you relate to Rob’s experience? If so, you may be one of the many people who suffer from insomnia. Maybe you are awake some, most, or even all of the night. Maybe you seemingly sleep through the night but wake up exhausted. If your sleep is disrupted or if you wake up tired, seeking professional help may restore a healthy sleep pattern to your nights.

A two-step approach to insomnia therapy has helped many who suffer from sleep disturbances. This thorough approach develops practical, individualized sleep solutions and seeks help for any foundational causes of the insomnia.

Alpharetta, GA insomnia counselors take this thorough, two-step approach, working to restore sleep to their clients’ dreamless nights.

Insomnia and What Causes It

Each case of insomnia is different. Certain people cannot fall asleep. Others cannot stay asleep. Still, others seemingly sleep well, but instead of waking rested, they are exhausted in the morning.

A variety of life circumstances or health issues can trigger insomnia, or sleep disturbances sometimes occur on their own.

Stress often brings about insomnia. Significant life events can easily set off sleep disturbances. Think about what has been happening in your life? Have you had a change in job, family, finances, or living situation?

Unfortunately, other health problems and changes can trigger insomnia as a side effect. Menopause, depression, and hyperthyroidism are a few examples of health problems that may bring about sleep disturbances.

Occasionally, insomnia develops on its own, without concurrent health issues.

Anyone who suffers from sleep disturbances also may face the difficulties they cause in daily life.


Joanna is a nurse who works the night shift three times a week. Her different schedule has been hard, but she is a good sleeper and gets enough rest … until recently. Over the past several months, Joanna has not been able to fall asleep.

Joanna lies in bed—sometimes for six hours—before she falls asleep. The first few times, she was not too worried, but after months of missing out on hours of sleep, everyday tasks have become more difficult. Joanna has made errors at work, and recently, she swerved off the road while driving home.

Insomnia’s Side Effects

Like many others, Joanna is experiencing the difficult side effects of insomnia. People who suffer from insomnia may find that they have:

  • Increased risk for common health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.
  • Irritability and strained relationships. Insomnia may also decrease sex drive.
  • Inability to focus and impaired judgment that may lead to low job performance.

Do these side effects from sleep deprivation sound familiar? Have you experienced any of these as a result of your insomnia?

Many people find relief from insomnia and its side effects through insomnia counseling.

If you are experiencing difficulties because of insomnia’s side effects, the therapists at Alpharetta, GA are ready to help.

How Insomnia Therapy May Help

Our therapists follow a thorough, two-step approach. First, our therapists want their clients to find practical sleep solutions. You need to sleep—and soon, so we work with you to adjust your habits or schedule in a way that can optimize sleeping conditions. Second, our therapists have helped many clients work toward long-term sleep success by identifying the insomnia’s underlying cause.

Practical Sleep Solutions

Our therapists work with their clients to form a customized sleep plan—practical solutions that cultivate optimal conditions for sleep. Sleep plans can consist of…

  • Sleep hygiene: Getting more sleep may mean making some changes in your daily routine. Good sleep hygiene may look like reducing caffeine or alcohol intake or possibly exercising more. Our counselors have helped their clients find routines that work for their days and nights.
  • Relaxation training: People can grow in awareness of how to their body and mind fall asleep. Over time and with professional help, our clients may begin to focus their mind on relaxing thoughts that help them fall asleep.
  • Sleep climate: The environment where people sleep can prohibit or facilitate rest. People are affected by light, temperature, and sounds in their bedroom. By working with a counselor, many people have found that adjusting their sleep climates aids their rest.

Long-term Sleep Success

Underlying beliefs, disorders, or events can cause or exacerbate insomnia, and these foundational causes need to be addressed. With their training and experience, our therapists have helped many clients identify these deeper issues and achieve long-term sleep success.

These deeper issues may be…

  • Anxiety Disorders: PTSD and other anxiety disorders often have insomnia as a symptom, and these disorders need treatment. Our therapists often help their clients find the treatment they need for any anxiety disorder they may be experiencing as well as the sleep disturbance.
  • False Beliefs: The belief that sleep will never be regular again is common among people who suffer from insomnia, but it is false. Many people find relief from sleep disturbances, but believing that help is not possible can raise stress and anxiety levels. The resulting stress makes sleep harder. Replacing any false beliefs with rational thinking may improve long-term sleep success.
  • Major Life Changes: Insomnia often accompanies major life changes and the stress they induce. Our therapists have helped their clients learn healthy coping strategies for the stress. When people can handle life’s stress, they may experience less sleep disturbances.

Setting Up an Appointment

Our therapists have helped many people battle sleep disorders, and they want to see their clients sleeping soundly again. Fighting insomnia is hard, so we want to make asking for help easier.

We work with many insurance providers and have after-hours appointments available. We don’t keep wait-lists. Call today to see an insomnia therapist.

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Jesslynn Palmer is a great therapist, with helpful techniques to get me through the stressful days and constantly helping me to do better than the day before. Highly recommended.
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