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We all encounter challenges that appear insurmountable: a failing career or relationship, a bout of depression, financial stress, you name it. The good news is that these challenges are not insurmountable. Whatever it is you’re facing, Thriveworks Alpharetta, GA online counseling can help and support you through it. Online counseling has proven to help people find greater success at work, improve their most important relationships, manage symptoms of mental illness, and more.

At Thriveworks Alpharetta, we provide all of our clients with crucial guidance, assistance, and support to help them live better. You have the option to work with one of our therapists onsite or in online counseling, if you prefer the comfort and security of home. If you’re ready to schedule your first online counseling session, just call (770) 284-9252. We’ll be here to get you scheduled.

How Do Video and Telephone Counseling Work?

Many people worry that the technology used in online counseling will be too confusing or intimidating. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here at Thriveworks Alpharetta, the only technology you need to work with one of our counselors online is the technology you already use on a regular basis: a telephone or a computer! To meet with your counselor virtually, you’ll talk with them on the phone or in a video conference.

In telephone counseling, you’ll answer your therapist’s call at the time of your appointment. In video counseling, you’ll visit the link that your therapist sends you prior to your appointment. Simple, right? Other people worry that online counseling isn’t as effective as in-person counseling. This, too, is false, as research shows that online counseling can prove just as effective as face-to-face counseling if not more effective. Some people find that they’re able to open up more easily when talking to their therapist on the phone or video chat versus in person. This allows them to make progress more easily!

Who Can Benefit from Online Counseling?

Online counseling is a great counseling option for many people, especially those looking for more versatility, flexibility, or convenience. Consider:

  1. Sandy lives in a small town and there aren’t any qualified counselors nearby. Fortunately, she’s able to find a counselor online who fits the criteria she’s looking for, including her specialties and availability.
  2. Tim is sick and tired of having to reschedule his counseling appointment due to unforeseeable events like bad weather and standstill traffic. He decides to move to online counseling instead, which eliminates many of these external factors and ensures he can count on making it to his appointment on time.
  3. Hannah’s schedule is constantly changing. She never knows which days or nights she’ll be serving until that Sunday, which proves a problem when scheduling a counseling appointment. Fortunately, with online counseling she finds greater flexibility and is able to secure mental health services.

If online counseling sounds like the right counseling option for you, reach out to Thriveworks Alpharetta. We will do our best to get you scheduled for an appointment with one of our skilled, caring providers right away.

Should I Try Online Counseling?

Counseling is an effective treatment option for individuals who are seeking greater health, happiness, success, or fulfillment. Sometimes, though, they struggle to make it in for regular in-person appointments. Online counseling is the solution. This approach to counseling is just as effective and it might be right for you if you’re looking for…

  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Security
  • Flexibility

Some people refer to online counseling as the superior counseling option because it offers convenience and comfort. Instead of driving 30 minutes each way to meet with your therapist, you can attend your session from home, work, or anywhere you feel comfortable. Additionally, online counseling is affordable. More and more insurance companies now cover online counseling including video and phone counseling. Additionally, it is secure and comes with flexible scheduling options.

Work with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks Alpharetta

If you want to give online counseling a try or you have questions about how it works, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call Thriveworks Alpharetta today at (770) 284-9252 to get scheduled for a telephone or video counseling session today. We’re excited to hear from you!

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