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Marital problems can cause an extreme amount of stress and strain on couples, but they happen more often than most of us realize. However, just because they’re common doesn’t mean they can be overlooked or not taken seriously.

If you’re struggling with a relationship issue, counseling is a wise idea; in fact, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists advises the sooner you and your spouse can start, the more likely you are to achieve a positive resolution.

Common Relationship Issues

While the exact circumstances of your relationship challenges are unique to you, there are several common issues that many couples struggle with, including:

  • Money and budget issues
  • Different opinions on rearing children
  • Interference from extended family
  • Worry about a partner’s career prospects
  • Anxiety over potential infidelity
  • Loneliness or resentment
  • Anger issues or ineffective communication.

Of course, you may also be dealing with something completely different. Have you married someone considerably older or younger than yourself who is going through a different phase in life? Has your spouse revealed that they would like to come out as transgender? Are you from two different cultures and religions, and learning how to parent in a way that respects both?

Whatever you’re facing, while a professional from North Andover MA couples counseling may not have dealt with your exact situation before, their considerable expertise and tremendous insight can be applied to both typical relationship challenges and less common matters.

When you work with us to address challenges in your marriage, you can expect pragmatic and considerate support, regardless of what you’re going through.

Challenging Moments are a Part of Life

Every marriage will experience ups and downs as time goes by; despite your love for each other, you won’t always see eye to eye. Furthermore, other factors like your work, extended family and health can take their toll on your relationship.

Sometimes, you may find it easy to remember why you fell in love with your spouse in the first place. At other times, you may feel like you’re worlds apart. If lately you’ve had more than your fair share of tough times with your spouse, expert North Andover MA marital therapists are ready to help.

Often, couples will debate whether their situation truly requires a counselor. Despite the current challenges they’re facing, their marriage may otherwise be great.
For example, two spouses may form a strong, united bond on everything from raising the kids to managing their budget. They still feel generally in love and have a lot of fun together and with the kids.

However, the one thing that really bothers the wife is interference from her mother in law. Everything is smooth sailing until mom shows up for a weekend visit, altering the way the kids are disciplined and encouraging the husband to take her side. By the end of the visit, husband and wife are at odds with one another; mom’s visit has resulted in arguments, resentment and confusion.

This is only one example of when couples therapy can help. Discussing the challenges associated with the situation and developing a united “game plan” can help make further visits much easier.

Help With the Tough Decisions

Of course, there are times when despite best efforts, couples decide that their marriage isn’t going to work out. Of course it’s not what you imagined when you got married, but there’s no reason why you can’t handle your separation in a respectful and positive manner.

Whether divorce is imminent or only a possibility, a professional North Andover MA marriage therapist can help facilitate healthy communication for a well-managed outcome. You may discover that you want to give your relationship another try, or it may be time to walk away.

Remember that at one time, you were in love. That feeling may be gone, and it’s not always possible to have a non-contentious divorce, but with the appropriate support you can minimize stress and look forward to a healthy new future.

Whatever you decide, taking advantage of North Andover MA couples counseling can result in a less stressful separation. This is especially ideal if you’ll be co-parenting children.

Why North Andover MA Couples Counseling Can Help

Here are a couple more stats that may encourage you to give counseling a try:

  • After working with a therapist to address relationship challenges, more than 93% of couples surveyed reported feeling better equipped to deal with any possible future problems
  • 97% of those same couples stated that counseling helped them successfully resolve their issues.

Are you keen to address your situation effectively and efficiently? Would you like to strengthen your bond and move forward together? If you and your husband or wife could benefit from seeing an North Andover MA couples counselor, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Reach out and you’ll discover all the potential your marriage has.

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