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Are you suffering from depression or anxiety? While these disorders share some common qualities—and can even be experienced at the same time—they are not the same. If you’re having symptoms of either, particularly if you’ve experienced thoughts of suicide, it’s important to seek help immediately. Thriveworks Natick MA counselors are experienced, sensitive professionals who are available to help you begin to feel better—and we may be able to see you as soon as tomorrow.

Depression and anxiety are some of the most common reasons people seek therapy, yet we still hear clients talk about how nervous they were making the first call. But the good news is, help is waiting on the other end of the line. You deserve to feel better. Rest assured, getting an appointment with a Thriveworks Natick MA counselor will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself. Help is available, relief is possible, and all you have to do is reach out—a real person, not an answering machine, will answer the phone.


“Even when I’m out doing something fun and low pressure, like hiking with friends, there’s this undercurrent of stress all the time. It’s almost impossible for me to relax.”

Anxiety is often mistaken for stress, but it’s more serious than that. Stress is temporary, and typically goes along with an event such as a deadline or tough situation like getting a speeding ticket. Anxiety is longer lasting and present even when in a situation that shouldn’t be inherently stressful. Lisa, above, has anxiety, but hers isn’t the only way anxiety presents itself. Anxiety may also cause trouble sleeping and fatigue, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, and more.

How Is Depression Different?

Depression has similar symptoms to anxiety, plus some additional ones. Changes in appetite, low self-esteem, lack of interest in daily activities, and possibly even suicidal ideation can happen with depression. Depression can occur in brief episodes of a few days, but if it lasts more than two weeks, it’s time to seek help. Any thoughts of suicide are serious, no matter how brief, and should be cause to seek a counselor for depression and anxiety immediately.

How Are Anxiety and Depression Connected?

Anxiety and depression share symptoms, but they also frequently occur together. Of the 10–20 percent of adults who will visit their primary care physician yearly to address an anxiety attack or depressive episode, more than half of them “suffer from a comorbid second depressive or anxiety disorder” (Hirschfeld). In other words, it’s incredibly common for clients to present with both disorders. Having two disorders increases the potential negative impact on your life if left untreated. The reasons why so many people have both disorders are varied. Genetic predisposition can influence the occurrence of both, but depression can also cause anxiety about having depression in the first place. Similarly, during or after a period of anxiety, a person may find that they feel depressed.

How Can Counseling Help?

Often, just figuring out the root cause of the depression or anxiety can cause it to significantly lift. Your anxiety and depression counselor will work with you to determine what that cause is. Once it’s revealed, you and your therapist will work together to process and heal the issue. After the issue has been given some attention, you’ll begin to feel better.

Depression and anxiety can be caused from repressed feelings that you need to express. To that end, Thriveworks Natick MA therapists often work with clients to develop strong communication skills that allow them to effectively communicate with friends, family, and coworkers.

However, anxiety and depression can also be physiologically based, in which case medication may be indicated. If you and your therapist decide to pursue that route, you’ll be referred to a psychiatrist for evaluation of your medication needs.

Thriveworks Natick MA Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

Thriveworks was founded with the intent to provide accessible therapy options, so we don’t keep a waiting list. In fact, after your first call we can usually schedule you within 24 hours. Contact our experienced counselors at Thriveworks Natick MA to get on the road to recovery.

Further Reading
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