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Two people that love each other as well as their life together often decide to embark on marriage. They want to spend forever by each other’s side. And until they can officially tie the knot, they romanticize their future. They dream about building a family together and forming new, beautiful memories. What they often don’t anticipate, though, are the challenges they might come across in marriage. We forget that relationships take hard work, even when we make this lifelong commitment.

“Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.” –Tom Mullen

As we all know, many marriages do end in divorce. But it’s also true that many do not! When couples fail to address or manage the problems that occur in their relationship, this is a threat to their marriage. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: put the work in resolve these problems! If you aren’t sure how you and your partner will get through a given issue, that’s okay. A marriage therapist or psychologist at Thriveworks Framingham can help.

Here at Thriveworks Framingham, we believe that everyone can benefit in some way from working with a mental health professional. If you think your marriage is in trouble or you want to strengthen its foundation, our marriage therapists at Thriveworks Framingham are the right people for the job. They can help you to work through the current problems in your marriage and plan for those that might come up in the future. Either way, Thriveworks Framingham marriage therapy can prove valuable. Call us today at (508) 392-4269 if you are ready to schedule an appointment!

Does My Marriage Need Marriage Therapy?

Sometimes, we put our relationships on the backburner: we focus on the demands of our everyday life and then realize later that something has gone awry in our marriage. We didn’t give it the time or attention that it needed, and as a result, we struggle to get it back on track. Fortunately, there are marriage therapists like those at Thriveworks Framingham who can help you to address the problems that arise in your marriage, including:

  • Ineffective communication
  • Jealousy or trust issues
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Parenting woes
  • Infidelity
  • Personal goals

Are you and your spouse struggling with one of the above issues right now? Are you struggling with something else entirely? In both cases, a marriage therapist at Thriveworks Framingham can be of help. They can assist you in talking through your problem and finding a solution.

How Does Marriage Therapy at Thriveworks Framingham Work?

The marriage therapists at Thriveworks Framingham design treatment on an individual basis. In other words, they will first get to know you and your spouse, and then they will come up with a customized plan for therapy. They will want to know your needs as well as your goals for marriage therapy.

That being said, Thriveworks Framingham marriage therapy often involves building effective communication skills and better understanding proper conflict resolution techniques. Why? Because these are both important to maintaining happy, healthy relationships. Not only will the lessons you learn enable you to work through your current issues but they will prepare you for future problems too.

Work with a Marriage Therapist or Psychologist at Thriveworks Framingham Today

It isn’t easy to admit, but marriage is hard! We are imperfect humans, which means our relationships are imperfect too. The good news is these imperfections work to our benefit, as they enable us to deepen our bonds and come out stronger than ever before. If you are looking to build the happy, healthy marriage you desire, reach out to Thriveworks Framingham. We have marriage therapists on staff who are eager to help you and your spouse overcome the challenges standing in your way.

When you call Thriveworks Framingham to schedule your appointment, a scheduling specialist will help you through the process. They will assist you with getting all set up and finding an appointment time that works for you—we have flexible scheduling options, including evening and weekend availability. We look forward to meeting you! Give us a call at (508) 392-4269 when you’re ready to schedule.

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