Top Psychologists in Midland, TX — Book a Session Today

Top Psychologists in Midland, TX — Book a Session Today

People have many reasons to see a doctor. Maybe they don’t feel well, they want to lose weight, or they have a specific condition they need to address.

The same is true when it comes to seeing a psychologist. You may feel anxious or “down” or need to work through family disagreements. You might be struggling with an eating disorder or the aftermath of a traumatic experience.

Whatever your situation may be, mental health professionals are trained to help you confront your issues, reduce your symptoms, and build a happier, healthier life. If you are experiencing a mental, emotional, or behavioral health issue that is making it hard for you to live your best life, consider making an appointment to see a psychologist at Thriveworks in Midland, TX.

When To Consider Psychological Treatment

Misconceptions are common about getting therapy for a mental health issue. Society has long stigmatized seeking help for mental illness as a sign of weakness. On the contrary, therapy can be highly empowering as it helps people take control of their mental wellbeing. Many people have benefitted from speaking with a licensed psychologist and you can too.

You might consider seeing a clinical psychologist for a number of reasons, including these:

  • You’re having thoughts of self-harm or of harming others
  • You have an issue with substance abuse
  • You’re having trouble dealing with a major life change
  • You have withdrawn from people and activities you enjoy
  • Mood swings have become common or more intense
  • You feel isolated from others
  • Your relationships are suffering
  • You don’t feel in control of your life anymore

A licensed psychologist can help you with these and other situations. Instead of allowing your issues to snowball into crises, consider making an appointment to address your concerns with a mental health professional. To get started, reach out to our scheduling team at Thriveworks in Midland, TX.

What Do Clinical Psychologists Do?

Addressing our mental health doesn’t have to be intimidating. The psychologists at Thriveworks bring a trained perspective and compassionate approach to treating your concerns.

Psychologists study the human mind, our behaviors, and the way we think. They hold PhDs and can work in clinical settings to treat clients dealing with mental disorders.

Practicing psychologists are licensed and trained to help people in many ways: overcoming addiction, coping with stress, or managing the way they behave and react. To do this, psychologists often use one or more forms of talk therapy. One of the most common forms is called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps people learn how to change their thoughts that may be worsening their symptoms or negatively impacting their mood and behaviors.

Another form of therapy used by psychologists is called dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). In DBT, clients learn how to stay present, tolerate distress, manage their emotions, and relate more effectively with others. The goal is often to help clients stop or reduce the frequency of self-destructive behaviors.

Other forms of therapy include interpersonal therapy, narrative therapy, exposure therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Your psychologist will work with you to determine the right form of treatment to address your specific symptoms and concerns. While psychologists normally cannot prescribe medication, they can coordinate with a Thriveworks psychiatrist or your physician if medication would also help your condition.

Working with a licensed psychologist can offer many benefits for individuals, couples, and families. If you’re ready to prioritize your mental health, consider reaching out and scheduling an appointment at Thriveworks in Midland, TX.

Schedule a Psychology Appointment at Thriveworks in Midland, TX

By talking about our problems, we can learn more about our symptoms, our behaviors, and ourselves. With the right mental health plan, you can bring happiness, stability, and fulfillment into your life. That’s why at Thriveworks, we make the process of consulting with a psychologist as accessible as possible.

We offer sessions timed to your schedule, whether that be during the week, at nights, or on the weekend. If in-person therapy doesn’t fit your schedule, you also have the option of remote therapy appointments via phone calls or video chats. Remote therapy gives clients the ability to conduct their sessions from home, where they might be more comfortable discussing sensitive issues — and don’t have to worry about a commute!

New Thriveworks clients often can make an appointment to be seen within 24-48 hours and sometimes even on the same day they reach out. We accept many major insurance plans, have a flexible cancellation policy, and offer a variety of enrollment benefits. You can receive advice by phone or email, take advantage of our life coaching Q&A, or participate in our moderated community message boards.

You don’t have to take your mental health for granted. Make an appointment today to meet with a psychologist at Thriveworks in Midland, TX.

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