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Families make us laugh, cry, scream, and smile. They give us joy and pain. They make us proud and do us favors but they also disappoint us and act selfishly. Squabbles and resentments emerge and even though getting through those times can be uncomfortable or difficult, doing so can ultimately make your family stronger.

But some moments threaten the family’s foundation. Maybe parents argue frequently, kids lash out, or conflict between extended family members has reached a boiling point. What happens when crises arise that we don’t know how to resolve?

This is when family counseling can help. Through therapy, family members can learn better methods to communicate, resolve conflict, and increase their mutual respect. Ultimately, they can build better bonds and make their family system stronger.

Could your family benefit from therapy? If so, consider making an appointment for counseling at Thriveworks in Midland, TX.

When Is the Right Time To Seek Family Therapy?

Family systems evolve over time and so do the relationships within them. Kids grow older and might want more independence. Parents in conflict could detach from each other. Their children might notice and worry about their family’s future.

Any of these could be entry points to family counseling. Though occasional family arguments or difficulties are normal, constant tension can lead to breakdowns. Family members who harbor resentment might benefit from an objective counselor who can listen and offer solutions.

People might consider family therapy sessions for a number of reasons. Marital problems could be causing strain or a traumatic event could be affecting the family dynamic. Perhaps one person is showing signs of drug or alcohol abuse that is negatively impacting other family members.

Other reasons to consider family counseling include:

  • Communication between family members is fractious or has evaporated
  • Some family members behave without thinking of others and don’t seek change
  • Parents disagree about ways to discipline their children
  • Kids have developed significant rivalries or resentments
  • Behavioral issues among kids are affecting the entire family
  • The house is too small for an extended family, which has caused strife
  • Children of divorced parents have difficulty blending into a new household

Some families find resolving these problems a challenge to do alone. If you’re in that position, consider making an appointment for family therapy at Thriveworks in Midland, TX.

How Families Benefit From Therapy

Family therapy sessions are designed to teach productive ways to manage conflict and improve communication. Through counseling, family members might learn how to solve particular problems, how to set healthy boundaries, and what to say in difficult situations to ease the tension.

Consider these situations:

  • After moving to a new city, John and Linda’s children feel alone and start withdrawing and socially isolating. Their behavior seems to be getting worse and John and Linda are worried. They see a family therapist who helps them work through those feelings with their children and find ways to address them together.
  • Barb’s family sits at dinner silently with cell phones out, lost in their own worlds of work emails or social media. She feels a deep sense of sadness at how disconnected she is from her family. She encourages them all to see a family counselor to help improve the way they communicate and bond as a family.
  • Dennis is struggling to deal with the death of his teenage son Charlie, who recently passed away after a drug overdose. His partner and other two children are also having a tough time and Dennis thinks family therapy might help them get through it together.

The type of treatment your family receives will depend on the specific issues you’re facing and your goals for therapy. How can family counseling help you? Find out by contacting us at Thriveworks in Midland, TX.

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If you think your family could benefit from an external perspective and a little guidance, Thriveworks can help. Our licensed therapists are available for appointments in-person, online, or by phone to meet your needs and schedules.

Thriveworks offers family therapy sessions early or late on weekdays and weekends to help you juggle your family’s calendars. In fact, new clients can often see a provider within 24-48 hours of reaching out.

Thriveworks accepts many major insurance plans and enhances your experience with a series of exciting benefits. Clients can take advantage of a flexible cancellation policy, counselor Q&A sessions, our Therapy Buddy app, and text support via our Success Navigator.

If your family could benefit from a licensed family therapist, consider making an appointment at Thriveworks in Midland, TX. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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