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When relationships are in turmoil, there is plenty of drama, and VH1’s hit Couples Therapy brings that drama to viewers every week. Six celebrity partners work with experienced therapists, hoping to build a better relationship. Each week, they go through exercises. Every week, audiences wonder which couples will make it and which couples will break up. Even though the show focuses upon celebrities, relational trouble is common—not just for elite couples. Anyone in a committed relationship knows that all couples face hardship and struggle. Some partners have been together for a few months, for a few years or even for a few decades. No couple is immune. No couple has to work through their problems alone either. Couples therapy is not just for reality TV, and it is not just for celebrity couples. Many couples are going to counseling to work on their relationship.

“Every couple has ups and downs, every couple argues, and that’s the thing—you’re a couple, and couples can’t function without trust.”
—Nicholas Sparks, At First Sight

When trust breaks down, it can look differently in each couple, but lack of trust is a common issue that partners experience. Trust can also be repaired. It is a difficult process that takes time and consistent work. It may also require the assistance of a couples therapist. Skilled therapists can often lead each partner through the process of rebuilding or maintaining trust. In the process, partners often find that they grow as individuals and as a couple.

The therapists at Thriveworks Miami offers couples therapy because we know it is normal for couples to experience ups and downs. When times are tough, couples therapists can often guide partners through the challenges of a strained relationship.

Common Issues that Strain Relationships

In the midst of difficulty, partners can feel isolated and wonder, Are we the only ones who struggle with this issue? This is a common response to many common issues that put a strain upon relationships. It is extremely rare for a couple to walk into therapy and present a problem that a couples therapist has never seen previously. The truth is that the issues that strain most relationships are normal, and that means, there are solutions if couples are open to change. There are many roadblocks that can keep couples from progressing in their relationship. A few include…

  • Distrust – Over time, small actions can chip away at trust. Things like missing an important date or making an irresponsible choice or disregarding a partner’s request. In an instant, bigger actions can decimate trust. Things like addiction, cheating, and/or lying. However the breach was caused, couples will feel the strain of distrust. Repairing trust takes time and effort, but it is possible.
  • Differing Goals – Couples consist of two unique individuals so every couple will have differences and disagreements. When couples acknowledge and respect their differences, they can move forward. When each individual in the couple pulls in a different direction, the couple will feel stagnant. Conflict, however, can be resolved. Partners can agree on their top priorities and then give each other freedom.
  • Difficulty with Intimacy – Intimacy is often associated with a couple’s sexual relationship, and it certainly includes this aspect of their connection. However, it also includes so much more. Intimacy is simply about connection. Partners can connect physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and more. When they are having difficulty connecting, a couples counselor can often help them identify and resolve the underlying problem.
  • Communication Difficulties – On-going, healthy communication requires vulnerability, openness, and empathy. These are emotional skills that not everyone does well, but because they are skills, they can be learned and/or improved. When partners work on their communication skills, they often experience an improved relationship. When couples neglect their communication, their relationship often suffers.
  • Conflicts about Family – Problems with the in-laws may be a cliché, but even clichés have an element of truth to them. Couples often have conflict about what role their extended families will play in their lives. These disagreements can drive a wedge between couples.

If you and your partner are experiencing some of these challenges, you may be wondering how a couples therapist may be able to help. There are a number of ways that counselors can guide couples, but two important ways a couples therapist may help is by…

  1. Outlining a process for change. Certain changes will help couples more than others. Some changes are more urgent than others. Some changes take time. Others should be made now. A couples therapist can help partners know the difference and outline a process for growth.
  2. De-escalating the conflict. When couples fight, they have a tendency to escalate the conflict. They may begin to attack each other, instead of attacking the issue. When this happens, couples need to bring down the heat. Couples counselors can help partner keep a neutral atmosphere.

Setting Up an Appointment for Couples Therapy at Thriveworks Miami

If you and your partner are experiencing a strained relationship, know that you are not alone. Many couples have seasons that are more difficult, and many couples reach out for help during those times. If you are ready for couples therapy, consider contacting Thriveworks Miami. Our new clients often have an appointment within 24 hours. We accept many different insurance plans. We also offer weekend and evening sessions. Our therapists are caring and ready to help. Call Thriveworks Miami today for couples therapy.

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