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One of the biggest problems for people looking for a career path is that of overcomplicating things. Chopping and changing one’s mind between different careers only leads to headaches, stress and more uncertainty. Quite often people will not want to enter into an occupation related to their major or older people realize they’re already in the wrong job. This is also something that can only add to the stress and confusion. The best thing any indecisive individual can do is reach out and seek guidance from career counseling.

A qualified career guidance professional can:

  • Stop all the noise and help to de-clutter your mind
  • Help you to structure a more decisive plan that has a definite direction

One major thing that a lot of people put themselves through is to look at career options more than they look at themselves. In other words, they look at what careers can offer them rather than what they can contribute to the career. No potential employer is going to be interested in someone who knows little about themselves. What can you bring to the table? That is a challenge that you need to address. Ask yourself these simple questions and be honest and upfront with your answers.

  • Have I honestly assessed myself?
  • Have I honestly explored my options (jobs that I’m suited to)?
  • Have I been developing my skills?
  • Do I know how to market myself to be competitive?

Help Exploring Your Options

Vocational counseling is a specialized area of counseling that assists people with career planning at any age. Counsellors work with you to help further develop your job skills and search strategies. There’s usually quite a bit to go through, but the foundation of your preparation will look something like this:

  • Résumé and cover letter development
  • Mock interviews
  • Professional networking
  • Understanding what you now want and how you plan to get it.

At Marblehead career counseling we work to tailor the specific needs of the individual to them and their new career path. Everyone is out to compete in the jobs market once they have chosen their career(s), but everyone is also unique. There’s a lot to discuss but not so much to work on once you have created a professional profile for yourself and know what you want and how you plan to get it. Marblehead career counseling is here to help where we can. Call us today and schedule an appointment to find out more.

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