Online and In-Person Life Coaching Sessions in Maitland, FL

Online and In-Person Life Coaching Sessions in Maitland, FL

Eugene is considering a change. He’s lived in the same small town with his family for a few years, but he’s thinking about accepting a job in a bigger city. Eugene isn’t thrilled with his current position and thinks something new could be good for him.

However, he feels stuck. He’s not sure if moving would be the best for him and his family. He doesn’t feel any closer to a decision even after going over all of the pros and cons.

There’s an option for people like Eugene –– life coaching. Life coaches are trained professionals who can help you identify strengths and weaknesses, make important decisions, and live your best life. Generally, coaching gives you the space to examine your life critically and help you figure out what’s going well and what you’d like to improve. Then, they can help you develop a plan to reach your goals.

Coaches from Thriveworks Counseling in Maitland, FL, can help you live your truth. Consider reaching out if there’s something you want to do or if you need help dealing with an issue in your life. Call our office today to speak with one of our scheduling specialists.

When Could a Life Coach Help Me?

Generally, life coaches can help when someone needs to make plans, address issues, and work towards goals. They’re experts in motivation and personal transformation.

Here are a few situations where life coaching could help:

  • Luke is a recent college graduate who’s having trouble with nervousness in job interviews. Working with a life coach could help Luke build the confidence he needs to ace his next interview.
  • Fatima has a business plan for the coffee shop she’s always wanted to open, but she’s having trouble taking the next step. Life coaching could help her create an action plan that works toward her business goals.
  • Vicky can’t seem to stay motivated. She has a good job, a family, and a healthy social life, but she feels like she doesn’t have long-term goals. Working with a life coach can help Vicky figure out what’s important in her life.

Life coaches are personal growth experts who can help you evaluate your life and achieve your dreams. Do you think a certified coach could help you reach your goals and live a happier life? Consider calling our office today at Thriveworks Counseling in Maitland, FL.

Life Coaching: Benefits and What To Expect

Life coaching is very flexible –– it can help in a wide variety of situations. Generally, coaches want to help clients achieve personal and professional goals. The specifics of each session will be individualized to each client and their needs, goals, and desires.

Some of the benefits you can receive from life coaching include:

  • Clearer personal goals and vision for your life
  • Motivational techniques to stay focused
  • Organizational strategies
  • More positive self-image
  • Finding a balance between personal and professional life
  • Good mental health habits
  • Professional and personal development

Your first life coaching session will help your coach get to know you, your life, and your goals. You might be asked to rate how happy and fulfilled you are with different parts of your life like your finances, career, friendships, and health. These ratings can help you and your coach focus your sessions in a way that enables growth.

Do you think a life coach could help you improve your life? Consider calling our office today at Thriveworks Counseling in Maitland, FL, to set up your first coaching session.

Work With an Online or In-Person Life Coach in Maitland, FL

Life coaching sessions can help you think about your life and achieve your goals. Call our office today if you want to work with a life coach from Thriveworks Counseling in Maitland, FL. One of our team members can help you set up a time that works for your schedule.

Our life coaches offer convenient evening and weekend sessions to help you find time for coaching. You can even attend life coaching virtually, over the phone or through a video call. Many of our clients love these online coaching appointments because they let you access life coaching without leaving your home.

We also offer an industry-leading flexible cancellation policy –– contact us up to 23.5 hours before your session to find a time that’s better for you. We want to make sure that life coaching can coexist with everything else going on in your life.

We don’t believe in waitlists, and you’ll speak to a real person when you call –– not a robot. Contact us today to get started.

Working with a life coach can help you achieve your dreams and unlock your true potential. Call our office today at Thriveworks Counseling in Maitland, FL, to work with one of our trained life coaches. We can’t wait to see you thrive.

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Saundra Scott

I have known Saundra for more than 40 years and have found her to remain constant, honest, caring and so much more. As a Professional, she would be such an asset as she is brilliant, intelligent and has an abnormal photogenic memory! Her many good traits combined would make an ideal counselor, in my opinion!
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Saundra has always been one of my favorites. She has great endearing qualities and is an easy person to talk to. She has a funny sense of humor and a graceful intelligence that makes one feel comfortable to be in her presence. Highly recommended!!
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Stephenie Wolford

Stephenie is amazing. She shows wisdom beyond her years and has helped me on numerous occasions. She is intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, and kind which makes her my favorite and only therapist. I highly recommend Stephenie for her knowledge and diverse experience as well. She is the best!
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