Family Therapy in Maitland, FL—Here’s How It Can Help You and Your Family

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Family Therapy in Maitland, FL—Here’s How It Can Help You and Your Family

“Family” can mean a lot of different things, but from a general standpoint, family refers to a group of people related by blood/ancestry. Some people are lucky to have close, loving relationships with their family members, but others aren’t so lucky. That said, regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, your family can have a major effect on how your life unfolds.

Consider Alexandra: She’s never been particularly close to her loved ones. Her views and style have always differed, which seemed to drive a wedge between her and her parents. When Alexandra turned 18, she moved out and never returned. Today, she talks to her parents a few times a year, but that’s the extent of their relationship. She loves them, without a doubt. “Is there room for more growth and love there?” she wonders. Still, she harbors some resentment toward them, as she’s made a habit of keeping to herself and isolating herself from others.

Alexandra doesn’t have great relationships with her parents. She sees how her family history affects her today and wonders if it’s worth revisiting. Family therapy could help Alexandra and her parents talk about their rocky history; it could also help them build their relationships from the ground up. In summary, family therapy could help Alexandra’s family navigate difficult conversations, work through their problems, and improve their relationships with one another. If you think that your family could benefit from therapy, like Alexandra and her family, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Counseling in Maitland, FL. We can take care of you.

Who Is Family Therapy For? What Is It?

As we began to explain, family counseling is meant to help families work through their unique challenges and improve their relationships with one another. This form of therapy has the potential to help any family, but it might prove especially helpful to those who are facing a significant hurdle. For example:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Major life transitions, like a big move or new career
  • Behavioral problems in kids
  • Mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse
  • Conflicts and severe miscommunication

Family therapy could look different from one family to the next family. Why? Because every individual and every family is different! And when it comes to therapy, we need and deserve that personalized treatment that is designed with us in mind. Thriveworks Counseling in Maitland, FL is happy to offer that to families, individuals, and couples alike.

Family Therapy Techniques: How Does Family Therapy Work?

As we’ve just established, family therapy is designed on a case-by-case basis! That said, there are a few approaches to family therapy that are common and helpful. These include:

  • Structural family therapy: This approach to family counseling focuses on helping family members strengthen their foundation. The family therapist will observe how the family interacts and then based on these observations, work to help the family improve their relationships with one another.
  • Strategic family therapy: Strategic family therapy helps family members improve their means of communication. Often, with this method, family therapists will assign their clients with homework, which is specifically designed to guide them in assessing their relationships and what areas could be improved.
  • Systemic family therapy: Systemic family therapy concentrates on exploring the meaning behind the behaviors of family members. The family therapist will assist their clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their challenges, where those challenges stem from, and how the family can overcome them.

If you choose to pursue family therapy at Thriveworks Counseling in Maitland, FL, know that your family therapist will design a course of treatment with your needs, goals, and personal preferences in mind.

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