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Name a place on the map—Amanda’s been there. As a nature photographer, she’s always been captivated by new views, exotic places, and the customs of the people living there. 

But being a globe traveler isn’t all she thought it would turn out to be. In fact, Amanda sometimes feels pretty run down, jet lag aside. Like most people, she knows depression and anxiety are real disorders that affect people, but she’s not really sure if she has the time or energy to talk with a professional, unless she meets with them online. 

Perhaps you feel the same; and Thriveworks in Lubbock, TX would like to help change your mind. One of the ways we make mental health care accessible to everyone is through our online therapy and counseling services. 

Even if you’re not getting stamps in your passport as frequently as Amanda, that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from counseling or therapy sessions that are convenient, secure, and private. Plus, we offer in-person therapy sessions too, if you prefer them.

Do I Need Online Counseling or In-Person Therapy?

Most of the time, the decision to seek counseling or therapy, whether it’s online therapy or in-person therapy in Lubbock, TX is up to you. However, online therapy is the modern choice in mental health services. It allows people to connect with our mental health professionals in Lubbock, TX from wherever they have a wifi connection.

Our mental health professionals help to treat your symptoms and conditions just as they would in an in-person session: with attentive care, active listening, and therapeutic methods that are designed to produce results. Many people feel a large amount of stigma attached to seeking mental health services, but being able to connect virtually may help to reduce any lingering anxiety you may have. 

Types of Online Counseling Services

Online therapy with Thriveworks Lubbock, TX is a great choice for those who suffer from: 

  • Problems related to low self-esteem or self-worth 
  • Stress that’s related to work or finances 
  • Depression
  • Avoidant behaviors/conflict resolution
  • Anxiety, or obsessive thoughts (random or situation-specific)
  • Difficulties processing negative emotions
  • Dealing with the loss of a family member or friend
  • Relationship issues
  • Family conflict

Plus, you’re able to: 

  • Meet with your therapist anywhere, as long as you have a solid internet connection and a private space to speak during your session
  • Avoid the anxiety that arises for some during in-person sessions
  • Engage with your provider over the phone or video as you both explore the sources and effects of all types of mental health conditions and their symptoms

If you’re still worried about finding the right time to fit your online therapy session in, don’t worry. You can view days and times yourself and schedule easily online. Or, you can team up with our scheduling specialists who are available seven days a week. They’ll provide you assistance and a real human voice while you team up with them to find the right session time, provider type, and location to schedule your sessions at. Even if there isn’t a provider in your immediate area, we’re dedicated to providing you with quality mental health care through online therapy. 

Schedule Online Therapy or In-Person Therapy in Lubbock, TX

Taking the time to get in touch with your mental health is a great way to invest in yourself—and there’s no easier way to talk to a provider than online therapy sessions. And when you do, you may notice the beneficial effect it might have on your relationships, hobbies, goals, and dreams.

 Plus, Thriveworks offers a host of benefits that other providers might not have, like: 

  • In-network coverage with most insurance providers
  • Mental health help when and where you need it
  • Instant scheduling for both in person and online sessions
  • The ability to schedule online or by phone
  • Personalized mental health care for your unique needs.

You’re probably on your phone or computer right now—so why not make the most of how technology connects you? Schedule online therapy or in-person therapy in Lubbock, TX with Thriveworks. We’re excited to help you start working towards better mental health. 

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