Couples and Marriage Counseling – Therapists in Loveland, CO

Couples and Marriage Counseling – Therapists in Loveland, CO

As relationships age, they naturally go through changes. You and your partner will likely have good days and bad days, and will share many life experiences together. When you share so much of life with another person, it is inevitable that you will have disagreements or come to a crossroads at some point.

At times, you and your partner may be able to work through your differences or agree to disagree. Other days, you may find yourself at odds, both refusing to back down or just unable to reach any form of resolution. Maybe you’re having a hard time communicating your feelings with each other, or a specific event or experience is creating extreme stress that’s driving a wedge between you.

It’s okay to ask for help navigating difficult periods of your relationship. A couples therapist or counselor can act as a mediator, an interpreter, or a guide and help you improve the quality of your connection and show you how to maintain your bond long term.

If your relationship is in a rut or hitting some unexpected turbulence, consider beginning couples counseling with Thriveworks in Loveland, CO. A licensed marriage and family therapist can help you work through the issues creating space between you and your spouse or partner.

Why Do Couples Seek Out Relationship Counseling?

Couples counseling can help you work through nearly any issue that is causing disruption in your relationship or interfering with your family life. Whether you are working through a tumultuous life change as a family or struggling to rebuild broken trust, a couples therapist or counselor can provide gentle guidance and advice to help you overcome the situation together.

There is no wrong reason to pursue couples counseling, particularly if you are struggling with any of these common relationship issues:

  • Breakdown in communication
  • Major life changes
  • Grief or loss
  • Trust issues or jealousy
  • Infidelity
  • Intimacy issues or sexual dissatisfaction
  • Divorce or separation
  • Marriage or blending families
  • Financial issues
  • Change in roles or family dynamic
  • Mental health issues

If changes in your life are interfering with your relationship or a shift in your relationship is negatively affecting your life, couples therapy or counseling can help. You can connect with a couples therapist or counselor at Thriveworks in Loveland, CO, to help you get to the bottom of what’s causing distress in your relationship and resolve underlying or ongoing issues.

How Can Couples Therapy Help?

Working with a couples therapist or counselor can help you resolve conflict and rebuild broken trust. But for many couples, working with a professional also improves their relationships in many other ways. Marriage and family therapy is a great preventative tool that can help you construct healthy boundaries and clear lines of communication to maintain a healthy relationship.

The primary goal of couples therapy is to help two people better understand and appreciate one another. Through multiple therapy sessions, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate your thoughts and emotions, creating an opportunity to recognize and accept each other’s differences. You’ll learn how to identify potential issues before they make waves and find healthy, practical solutions for your problems.

The skills you learn during your couples therapy sessions can even be applied to other relationships in your life. Clear communication, effective problem solving, and active listening can improve the quality of your friendships, professional partnerships, and relationships with other family members.

When your relationship is happy and healthy, it can spill over into other areas of your life. If you’re ready to take the next steps in improving and fortifying your bond with your partner, you can schedule your first appointment with a couples therapist or counselor at Thriveworks in Loveland, CO, online or by calling our helpful scheduling team.

Book Your Couples Therapy Appointment at Thriveworks in Loveland, CO

You don’t have to wait until your relationship is in turmoil to work with a mental health professional from Thriveworks Counseling in Loveland, CO. You can schedule a session immediately when you call, and many new clients can meet with a provider within just 24-48 hours.

At Thriveworks, we know relationships are complicated. Getting help to keep them on track doesn’t have to be. We offer various membership benefits that make it easy to schedule sessions and get additional support in between appointments.

Some of our client membership benefits include:

  • Weekend and evening appointments
  • Online counseling opportunities via phone or video chat
  • Phone and email access to providers between therapy sessions
  • Exclusive online video content
  • Counselor-moderated community discussion boards
  • Text support via our success manager
  • Flexible 23.5-hour cancellation policy

At Thriveworks Counseling in Loveland, CO, we want to help support you and your partner through whatever you’re facing. Book your first session today to find out how you can rebuild a happy, healthy relationship and make the most of your future together.

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Linda was fantastic! She is kind, knowledgeable, real, and easy to work with. I loved that she was experienced in lgbt and interracial counseling. I would recommend her to anyone!
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I am very happy to offer my highest recommendations for a therapist working with the community at Thriveworks. Here is an example of what it is like to be in Linda Armendariz’s care. We had a family session with Linda. She spoke with each of us beforehand, to have a clear understanding of what each person hoped to accomplish. She was a calming presence throughout our session, gently bringing us back to the issues we wanted to address and helping us hear what was being said. Our common goal was to really understand each other and to be heard. As parents we wanted to support our adult son without enabling him, showing high expectations with a lot of warmth. We were mostly struggling with boundaries, which was confusing to him. In the end we came to a very clear and actionable plan with goals and dates. We each had assignments that we could accomplish. It was agreed that we would work together, openly. We agreed to communicate as a group moving forward. Respect has been key. Linda models what she says. She is intuitive and to the point, so time is used wisely. I believe that anyone who gets to work with Linda will grow steadily!
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