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Facing the Challenges of Being Bisexual in Las Vegas, NV

Understanding sexuality can be a confusing issue for most young people today. In a flurry of terms that describe sexual leanings, you’ll come across same-sex, opposite-sex, both-sex, and transgender, to name a few. As a young person unsure of who you are, it is understandable that you’re wondering if you should begin experimenting to identify your attractions. If you’re not quite sure what your next steps should be, maybe you need to spend some time with an expert counselor that understands bisexual behavior. Thriveworks Las Vegas counseling center (702) 820-3061.

Why Sexuality is Confusing

As every teenager will admit, growing up and trying to fit in with the crowd is difficult as it is. Know that it is very normal to be curious of the opposite sex and your own. All kids indulge in porn and most will tell you that yes, they looked at porn of both men and women. So, does that make you bisexual? When interacting with friends and sharing anecdotes of sexual experiences, peers typically try to tag you as normal, gay, or bi. And, when approached by people attracted to you, it’s very likely that they’ll check with you and ask about your leanings before inviting you for coffee or dinner. So what do you do? Before making any bad decisions that may possibly haunt you for the rest of your life, consider getting quality care counseling.

Experimentation is Not the Key

In today’s times when it is absolutely essential to protect yourself from physically and emotionally fallouts of a bad experience, experimenting may not be the way to go. And, yes, it is normal to go “Wow” when you see an especially good looking man and woman. But, no! That does not make you bisexual. We the counselors at the Thriveworks Las Vegas will tell you, even if you’re in a committed relationship with a member of your own or the opposite gender, admiring and feeling attracted to someone you meet for the first time is NOT a doubt on your sexual preferences.

How Counseling Can Help You

One of the first things you’ll learn during counseling is to accept who you are and be comfortable with yourself irrespective of your sexual inclinations. And, no, you do not have to pick a tag right now. Give yourself time, choose to dress as you want to and spend time with the people who truly love, like and respect you.

As the counselors at the Thriveworks clinic will reassure you, never give in to the pressure of threesomes to explore and identify your personality and whatever you do, practicing safe intercourse is most definitely the way to go. Most important? No matter how much you like a boy or a girl, never feel obligated to do something you’re not entirely comfortable with. Prioritize yourself and your body and if it costs you a relationship, it probably wasn’t worth the effort.

Ready to look for help in identifying who you are? It may be time to book an appointment with the counselors at the Thriveworks Las Vegas Center. Or, you could get in touch with us by using this number (702) 820-3061.

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