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When you think of counseling, what comes to mind? For some, it’s words like “fear” and “anxiety.” For others, it’s words like “necessity” and “life-changing.” In either case, we suggest that you consider online counseling. 

Online counseling is a form of therapy that helps to take fear and anxiety out of the equation. Many people feel too afraid to go to counseling or have other reservations that prevent them from booking an appointment. Online counseling offers a solution to many of these reservations, as it offers greater comfort in talking to a counselor.

Mental health counseling can benefit each and every one of us. And online counseling ensures that more and more people feel comfortable in reaching out for mental health. Not to mention that it improves accessibility to mental health services for those who have always wanted to pursue counseling but couldn’t. 

If there is an obstacle standing in your way of receiving counseling, consider scheduling an online therapy appointment. This is the comfortable and convenient way to work with a counselor. Thriveworks Counseling in Henderson, NV would be happy to set you up with one of our licensed mental health professionals who can help you over the phone or video. Both are viable distance counseling options, and our counselors would be happy to do either. 

Mental Health Issues Discussed in Online Counseling

Online counseling allows us to talk to a mental health professional or medical doctor on demand. Sometimes, our mental health issues can’t wait. And when they do “wait” or go unaddressed, they only worsen. 

Mental health issues can range from the severe, like mental illness, to the more mild, like a small fight with one’s partner. However, regardless of their severity, it’s vital that we address these problems.

Here are some common mental health problems that online licensed professional counselors can help their clients work through:

  • Depression, anxiety, and other illnesses
  • Eating disorders, like bulimia and anorexia
  • Relationship problems like jealousy or infidelity
  • Parenting issues, like rebellious children or teens
  • Personal and professional stress
  • Difficult emotions like anger
  • Trauma and post-traumatic stress

Are any of these challenges present in your life? If the answer is yes, reach out to Thriveworks Counseling in Henderson, NV to schedule an online therapy appointment. Our licensed professionals can offer virtual mental health services that help to address these problems, like trauma therapy, couples therapy, marriage counseling, teen counseling, stress counseling, and more. 

Online Therapy Options at Thriveworks

There are a few different online therapy options out there, but Thriveworks offers two main options, which we have found to be the most valuable: telephone counseling and video counseling.

With telephone counseling, you work with your counselor over the phone. It’s as simple as that. Many people find that talking to their counselor on the phone versus in-person makes them feel more comfortable and they find that they are more willing to open up.

In video counseling, you work with your counselor in live chats over video. Your counselor or another member of our team will send you a link to your secure video conference room prior to your appointment. Then, you’ll simply navigate to that link at your appointment time and your counselor will see you there!

Both telephone and video sessions are an effective way to meet with your counselor. However, some people have strong preferences for one or the other. If you are looking for a similar feel to traditional therapy, video counseling might be the way to go.

Schedule Online Counseling at Thriveworks in Henderson, NV

Online counseling ushers in a new wave of prioritizing one’s mental health. People are feeling more comfortable and excited about talking to a counselor. And others are finally able to access mental health services when they weren’t able to before.

If you’d like to experience the many benefits that come with virtual mental health care, like comfort and convenience, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Counseling in Henderson. We are able to set you up with an online therapist, counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. And many of our new clients meet with their provider as soon as 24 hours. 

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