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It seems like every day, another politician or celebrity has been caught in an affair, and the public can’t wait to get their hands on any clickbait that will give the details— how did it happen? Who was involved? How will the spouse respond? TV shows, movies, and music constantly take on the topic of infidelity, and they often romanticize it. There is something about adultery and how the couple will respond that draws people to the topic.

But when infidelity happens in your marriage or your relationship, it’s not glamorous or juicy—it’s a moment of crisis.

Adultery has ended decades-long and days-long marriages. Spouses have also worked through the severe breach and restored their relationship. Which path is correct? No one can make that difficult decision or the hundreds of difficult decisions that will follow except the people involved in the relationship. But there is guidance and support in the process. Certainly, friends and family members can provide help when a marriage or relationship is in crisis, but many people find that going to counseling with a professional therapist gave them the tools they needed to recover from adultery and restore a fulfilling, happy life, regardless of which path they chose.

Thriveworks Las Vegas, NV knows that adultery is not just a cultural obsession, it is also a reality that many people face in their private lives. Our therapists have walked through the devastation that infidelity brings into a marriage or relationship, and they are experienced, kind, and supportive guides in the process of infidelity recovery.

Types of Infidelity

Infidelity. The concept seems simple: a person who is in a committed relationship and who has possibly even made vows to form that relationship does not stay true to that commitment or those vows. But anyone who is going through or has gone through infidelity knows that the truth is often far more complicated.

Infidelity might look like an emotional affair. It might look like a long-term relationship. It might be a one-night stand or a string of one-night stands. It could look like philandering.

It always involves lying. It always involves a break in trust.

Whatever the circumstances of adultery are (and there are infinite possibilities for those circumstances), the effects are devastating.

Effects of Infidelity

Because an affair happens in the context of a relationship, it inherently affects other people including friends, extended family, and in some cases, community members.

Cheating unsettles the whole family system.

The people who usually suffer the most in adultery’s aftermath are the uninvolved spouse and the children (if there are any).

  • The Spouse: Being cheated on is a severe relational trauma. Many uninvolved spouses experience deep emotional and physical pain after learning that their partner has committed adultery. Often, the uninvolved spouse has been lied to and emotional and physical intimacy has been stolen from them. In many ways, their reality is shattered: what should be the most honest and safe relationship becomes a source of pain and lies.
  • The Children: Sometimes, children know that one parent has cheated on another. Sometimes, they do not, but they know something in their family is very off. This disturbance in the family’s security has a detrimental effect on children. They may also lose trust in the parent who cheated. In instances of divorce, they often blame themselves for the separation. Often, the cheating influences how children view relationships later in life.

It is difficult to quantify the harm adultery can cause in a family, but it is severe. The uninvolved spouse, children, friends, family members, and even community members can experience grief and trauma as they work through the effects of an affair. Victims of an affair may experience anxiety, anger, distrust, or depression. An affair creates a deep wound, and healing that wound takes extensive treatment.

Healing from an Affair

There is no quick way to repair a marriage after infidelity. The spouse who had the affair cannot simply say, “I’m sorry” and then trust and love are magically restored. Forgiveness is possible. Trust is possible. But they take time and work.

A marriage therapist may help a couple recover from infidelity if that is what they desire. Counselors have many tools and exercises that may help couples repair what has been destroyed. Here are a few:

  • Improve Communication — In the aftermath of an affair, it is easy for both spouses to turn to unhealthy means of communication. Understandably, when emotions are overwhelming, anything more civil that yelling feels impossible. But there are better ways, and a therapist can facilitate better communication.
  • Defining Goals — Maybe the couple is ready for a divorce. Maybe they want a trial separation. Maybe they are ready to repair the relationship. Most likely, they are not sure what can or should come next. It’s ok. Counselors understand the chaos infidelity brings and helps couples clarify what they want to achieve in their relationship.
  • Rebuild Trust — Infidelity involves a break in trust, and to move forward (even toward a separation), that trust must be rebuild to some degree. This process usually involves making boundaries and incorporating accountability into the relationship. A marriage therapist can help couples learn how to rebuild the level of trust they need to function in the type of relationship they choose.

Making an Appointment at Thriveworks Las Vegas, NV

Is your marriage suffering because of an affair? Are you trying to make the best of it, but feel like you could use some help? Thriveworks counselors understand that infidelity in a marriage makes life feel chaotic and unstable. They are available and ready to help their clients regain a feeling of safety.

Thriveworks therapists help their clients by giving them personalized care, and we want to show how much we care from the first time our clients call to schedule an appointment. Here is what you can expect when you call Thriveworks Las Vegas:

  1. A scheduling specialist (person—not a machine) will answer.
  2. You may be able to see you therapists the next day, even if you are a first time client.
  3. We do not keep a waitlist so you will never be put on one.
  4. Our office accepts many forms of insurance.

We know infidelity is devastating. We also have seen our clients overcome infidelity and thrive—whatever path they may choose for their lives. Sound Good? Call today to get started.

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