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Feeling lonely can be devastating. Social isolation can take a serious toll on anyone. Some people find themselves in this situation due to a death of a loved one, while others have plenty of relationships in their lives but still feel lonely. No matter what got you into your current situation, there is help for you. These tips are ideas to get you started.

Create your own unique plan

There’s plenty of advice on how to handle your feelings of loneliness and some of that advice may work for you. However, not all of it will. You are you unique. Your situation is unique. It’s up to you to come up with ideas that will help you feel more involved. For example, there may be a volunteer opportunity or a group hobby.

Coming up with a plan is only the first step

People often come up with an idea and then get stuck. Figuring out what could help you feel more involved in your community is an important step – but it’s only the first step. You must then put it into action. Remember that you don’t have to make significant changes overnight. You can take baby steps. Progress is the important part – not perfection.

Pets can be comforting

Living with or visiting with a pet can help ease your feelings of loneliness. This doesn’t mean you must have a pet yourself but you can take advantage of various ways to be involved with a pet. Consider volunteering at your local shelter or asking a neighbor if they’d like their dog walked.

Get help with someone who has more experience than you

Anytime you come up on a problem you don’t feel ready to handle, the best plan is to find someone with more experience and let them guide you. This is also true of loneliness and social isolation. Thriveworks Houston, TX Counseling & Coaching is a great choice. We customize every treatment plan. We’ll take the time to understand what your goals are, what your concerns are, and how we can get you there.

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