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If you are in a relationship, and experiencing conflict and unhappiness, at which point do you seek professional help? All relationships are unique and deciding when to seek professional help can be a hard thing to do – it might be that you and your partner have become indifferent towards each other, or that small arguments escalate quickly. It could also be that infidelity, financial issues or different life goals and values have started to impact your relationship. Regardless of the specific cause, professional couples or marriage counseling may help mitigate the damage.

Marriage Counseling – What To Expect?

Many people are concerned about sharing their emotions and fears in front of their partner, especially so if there are very deep conflicts that have to be addressed – this can make the first couples counseling session daunting for both parties. For many people it can be even more daunting to air their emotions and fears in front of a stranger, such as the counselor. Often one partner may be concerned that if he or she speaks the truth out loud, his or her other half will be hurt, further aggravating the conflict. However, many practiced counselors note that once these concerns have been addressed, couples or marriage counseling can provide much greater benefits than individual therapy.

Couples and marriage counseling is a form of psychotherapy intended for both partners to attend (although at times only one person may choose to participate). A counselor’s role is to be the impartial facilitator who helps guide the couple towards improved communication, greater understanding of each other’s feelings and positions, as well as to teach them how to tackle some of the fundamental problems they experience. The nature of counseling as an educational experience means that often after only 2 or 3 months a couple will be able to cease professional counseling and will have learnt how to manage their conflicts independently.

Marriage Counseling At Thriveworks Houston, TX

At Thriveworks Houston, TX we work with spouses and partners at all stages of their relationships, and help them to tackle any problem that may arise. We recognize that every couple is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ therapy method appropriate for every couple. We tailor our counseling sessions to the individual needs of our clients.

Finding a solution to your relationship problems is possible. Do not hesitate and reach out to us today to arrange your first marriage or couples counseling session.

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