Infidelity Counseling

What Is Infidelity?
What is the definition of infidelity? It is not so easy a question to answer. Many people define it simply as the act of sexual unfaithfulness, but experts outline three different types of infidelity. These include sexual infidelity, romantic infidelity and a combination of the previous two. Falling in love with another man or a woman and not becoming sexually involved with that person is certainly possible and quite a common occurrence.

Evidently, once adultery has been exposed in a relationship its consequences can be quite different dependent on the type of infidelity. Every relationship is unique and will be affected in a fashion dependent on the partners’ characters, as well as their preexisting rapport. Unfortunately, there are no strict and simple rules on how a relationship will develop after an act of infidelity has transpired – many couples reconcile and rebuild a happy relationship, whilst others will quickly part ways, very often on bad terms. Many couples do, however, persist in unhappiness unable to make a clear decision on how to move forward with their life. This unhappy persistence and indecision can be greatly helped by professional counseling for infidelity.

How Does Infidelity Affect A Relationship?
Despite the victim being affected greatly by infidelity, he or she is by no means the only person the affair has a serious emotional impact upon. The entire family dynamic can be transformed as a result; spouses, children, grandparents and even friends may experience the effects of an act of adultery. Despite this far-reaching and vastly damaging impact, more often than not relationships do persist and reconcile.

Counseling For Infidelity Helps
Whether the end result is reconciliation or a friendly separation, counseling for infidelity can help guide the couple towards a solution that best fits their particular needs. Counselors are trained to act in a non-judgmental and independent manner, facilitating and shaping conversation and an emotional understanding between the affected individuals. A good counselor will avoid dictating ‘one size fits all’ solutions and platitudes and will focus entirely on promoting the couples’ own conclusions and a constructive dialogue.

At Thriveworks Houston, the counselors pride themselves on the breadth of experience they have gained helping couples just like yours. We want you to understand that infidelity does not have to signal the end of a relationship, yet, no matter the outcome, our counselors will strive to give you the support you need. Why not get in touch with us today to arrange your first counseling session for infidelity.



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