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Allie and Adam couldn’t wait to get married. Their engagement came as a shock to no one — everyone knew them as that perfect couple that was meant to be together.

This is why, when they told their friends they were going to couples therapy, no one could believe it. What had happened? Were they going to call the marriage off?

But Allie and Adam had no intention of calling their marriage off at all. In fact, they were feeling better than ever about committing to each other. Of course, like every couple, they had their good times and their tougher times. But going to therapy doesn’t mean a relationship is on the verge of ending.

Couples counseling can actually be a great way to strengthen a relationship, whether or not you’re currently going through hard times. For Allie and Adam, seeing a therapist together was their way of setting a strong foundation for their marriage and easing their transition into married life.

Whether your relationship is on the rocks, you’re going through a tough life transition, or you just want some professional support, we are here to help. Our therapists and counselors at Thriveworks in Green Bay, WI welcome clients with a wide range of relationship issues.

Who Should Consider Relationship Counseling?

There’s no right or wrong reason to start attending couples counseling. Some couples might go after a year of being together for a relationship check-up, some for premarital counseling, and some after being married for many years.

Some common reasons people consider going to relationship counseling include:

  • Trouble communicating clearly and calmly
  • Tiptoeing around a persistent issue
  • Desire to improve decision-making skills
  • An increase in criticism or contempt
  • A stressful event has interrupted daily life
  • Dealing with substance abuse
  • Supporting each other through mental illness
  • Difficulty navigating long-distance relationships
  • Needing help setting boundaries
  • General desire to strengthen the relationship

Your relationship doesn’t need to be on the verge of a breakdown in order to benefit from couples or marriage counseling. No matter what your issues may be, our mental health experts at Thriveworks in Green Bay, WI are here to help you work on your goals.

The Benefits of Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy?

Talking about your relationship may not be the most comfortable experience at first. But our counselors and therapists are trained to create a safe, confidential, and open space for you and your partner to express your feelings, share your concerns, and work toward a healthier and happier relationship.

Doing the work in therapy means being willing to be honest, even if it means sitting in a bit of discomfort to talk about the issues that matter. Clients that do this work tend to see the most improvement in their relationships.

While your provider can help you resolve conflict and solve specific problems, they can also help you learn long-lasting skills such as the ability to:

  • Communicate with respect and honesty
  • Actively listen and validating your partner
  • Address any detrimental patterns in your relationship
  • Understand yourself and your needs
  • Understand your partner and their needs
  • Accept that not every issue needs a perfect solution

Learning these skills won’t come right away. At first, your counselor will take the time to get to know you, your partner, your relationship history, your respective backgrounds, and what goals you may have for your relationship. Relationship therapy is typically short-term but depending on the treatment plan and your needs, you may benefit from longer-term sessions as well.

Whatever amount of time you spend in therapy, our therapists and counselors in Green Bay, WI are committed to helping you make the most of it. To get started, reach out to make a couples therapy appointment today.

Schedule Couples Therapy Appointments at Thriveworks in Green Bay, WI

Relationships can be extremely fulfilling but they can also be extremely complicated. That’s why we believe it’s perfectly natural to seek out help from a trained professional with a neutral perspective.

At Thriveworks, we have appointments available in-person and online via phone and email, whether you need to meet in the mornings, evenings, or on the weekend. New clients can sometimes even see a provider within 24 to 48 hours of reaching out. In addition to our flexible availability, we charge affordable rates and accept most major insurance plans.

When you sign up, you’ll also gain access to an online counselor-moderated forum, text message support, and phone and email contact with your provider between sessions.

Healthy relationships take work but we’re here to help you succeed. Schedule an appointment today at Thriveworks in Green Bay, WI.


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