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Consider: Life is everything you’ve ever hoped for. You received that job promotion you were after; you’re newly engaged; and you’re getting ready to move into the house of your dreams. But you don’t feel happy or excited in the way that you know you should. Instead, you feel disconnected and uninterested. You aren’t motivated to go to work lately, and you force a smile when you see your fiancé. You can’t imagine working up the energy to move into your new house in just a few weeks. Something is clearly wrong, but you aren’t sure what.

In the description above, you’re exhibiting symptoms of depression: disconnected, uninterested, unmotivated, lethargic. This might be the last thing you suspected, due to all of the exciting new advancements in your life lately. But unfortunately, depression can affect anyone and develop for no apparent reason at all. The good news is that a psychologist can help you better understand why you might feel this way and, more importantly, what you can do about it to get back to your normal self.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being.” –Carl Rogers

In addition to mental illness diagnosis and treatment, psychologists can help people confront and manage other problems, including stress, anger issues, relationship problems, major life changes, and traumatic experiences. If you’re struggling and suffering mentally, a psychologist is the professional you want to work with. Thriveworks Germantown, MD has psychologists on our team who can help you today in in-person or online treatment. To get started, just call our office at (240) 949-6808.

Can I Benefit from Working with a Psychologist? How? 

In the example above, a psychologist can help you to identify your depression symptoms, offer a diagnosis, assess any underlying causes, and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to fit your needs. This, however, isn’t the only occasion in which working with a psychologist can prove beneficial. A psychologist can…

  1. Help you better manage stress and other difficult emotions: Stress is unavoidable. We all experience it, at work, in our relationships, at home, and to varying degrees. Now, while we can’t completely rid ourselves of stress, we can learn to better manage it with the help of a psychologist at Thriveworks Germantown. For example, if you are experiencing an overwhelming load of stress at work, your psychologist might teach you deep-breathing and other relaxation techniques.
  2. Support you during the difficult seasons of life: Losing a loved one is an unavoidable, heart-wrenching part of life. There’s no telling how we might respond to grief and loss, as each individual process is different; however, a psychologist at Thriveworks Germantown can help to ensure that you grieve properly. They can walk you through the despair, anger, and confusion you might experience throughout your grieving process. And they can provide you with endless, crucial support all the while.
  3. Help you adapt during major life transitions: Major life changes are also difficult, yet often unavoidable as well. For example, when we start a new job, accept a promotion, or make a move to an unfamiliar city. In any case, a psychologist at Thriveworks Germantown can help you adjust properly. Know that it’s normal to feel apprehensive, lonely, and maybe even sad during this transitional period. But our psychologists will help you through it.
  4. Assist you in resolving relationship issues: Relationship issues, from jealousy issues to infidelity and even differing religions, can cause us serious distress. It’s important that we can communicate well with our loved ones to work through these challenges and maintain each individual’s wellbeing. A psychologist at Thriveworks Germantown can help you accomplish this mission.

This list represents but a few challenges our psychologists can help you with. If you are struggling or suffering in any way, we want to do what we can to assist and support you. Our psychologists can offer a nonjudgmental, safe space to talk.

Schedule a Session with a Psychologist at Thriveworks Germantown, MD

If you see the value in working with a psychologist, we can get you scheduled for an appointment today at Thriveworks Germantown, MD. Our professionals are happy to offer in-person as well as online services. We want you to pick the option that you feel most comfortable with.

To set up your first session with one of our psychologists, simply call (240) 949-6808. A scheduling specialist will help you do the rest! We look forward to hearing from you.

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