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Sure, anger is normal human emotion we all feel at times, but how often does yours arise? Do you know how to control it? If not managed correctly, anger can be detrimental to your relationships, career, and health.  Controlling your rage is not only important for your wellbeing but for the safety and health of others as well.  An otherwise normal conflict that could be resolved with clear communication can quickly become threatening and violent when anger consumes someone.

At Thriveworks Germantown, we believe anger management is useful to teach irritated individuals the tools and techniques needed to manage their anger and live a responsible, balanced lifestyle.  If you feel like your anger is getting the best of you, maybe it is time to consider anger management.

What Are the Health Risks Associated with Anger?

When your body is continuously undergoing spouts of anger and rage, many health risks can become present.  From strokes to a weakened immune system, the body is affected.  The following are examples of health risks that can result from anger.

  • Increased sensitivity to pain
  • Heart rate issues
  • Blood pressure rises
  • Heart attack
  • Negative effects on emotional well-being
  • Risk of atrial fibrillation, a major factor for strokes

Don’t let anger be the reason your health diminishes. Seek professional help; it will alleviate strain on your mental and physical health.

How Does Anger Management Work?

Anger management takes individuals with increased levels of anger down a path to recovery.  Clinicians give specific instructions to improve their angry behavior, as well as provide a safe space for clients to discover the root of their anger and to better understand their emotions.  Clinicians teach their clients how to use their newfound awareness to better understand the way their body reacts to specific triggers and circumstances in order to correct their inappropriate or harmful behavior.

Anger management therapists also assist clients in discovering more severe origins of anger.  Some of these may include grief, depression, trauma, addiction, anxiety, or other mental health issues.  Whatever the underlying cause may be, anger management can assist the individual in effectively controlling and managing their emotions.

The primary goal of anger management therapy is to help people recognize the sources of their anger, analyze their reactions, and adopt healthier ways of expressing their anger.  To do so, therapists utilize a variety of techniques, such as:

  • Impulse control
  • Self-awareness
  • Breathing strategies
  • Relaxation tactics
  • Identify negative thinking
  • Practice positive thinking
  • Meditation and mindfulness

Schedule Anger Management at Thriveworks Germantown

Do you feel like your anger is taking over your life?  Are you ready to start your path toward a happier and healthier life?  If so, give Thriveworks Germantown a call today.  We are ready and willing to help you start on your journey toward eliminating rage.

At Thriveworks, we strive to provide professional service to anyone in need.  In doing so, we partner with a large number of insurance plans.  We also offer flexible hours to be sure you get the help you’re seeking; new patients can have their first appointment within 24 hours.

You can thrive.  Our anger management counselors are ready to help.  Call us today at (240) 949-6808.

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