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We all become anxious from time to time. Whether we’re fearful of how an upcoming event will turn out—such as how we will perform on a test or how our significant other will react to bad news—or we’re generally worried about our day to day. The latter is often when anxiety becomes a problem.

That said, the good news is that if your anxiety gets out of control, you can learn how to manage it with a counselor, psychologist, or therapist at Thriveworks Germantown in Montgomery County. These individuals possess the skills, knowledge, training, and experience to help you on this journey. Not to mention they truly care about assisting you in living a happier, healthier life.

What Is Anxiety? What Are the Symptoms?

We all experience anxiety. This arises in response to a threat, whether it’s a real or imagined threat. For example, you might tense up and feel fearful when you hear a loud knock at your door. Similarly, you might freeze and feel your anxiety go up when you enter a crowded place, begin your presentation at work, or arrive late to the airport. It all varies from person to person.

That said, anxiety can get out of control and seriously interfere with our daily functioning, at work, at school, and in our relationships. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you likely have chronic anxiety and should consult a mental health professional:

  • Feelings of severe nervousness, fear, or panic
  • Uncontrollable, racing thoughts
  • Irrational behaviors
  • Inability to relax
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Muscle tension
  • Sleep problems, such as insomnia
  • Chest pain
  • Excessive sweating
  • Numbness in the extremities

What Different Forms of Anxiety Are There?

One might feel anxious about everyday events. On the other hand, their anxiety might arise as a result of more specific fears or circumstances. Here are a few different forms of anxiety:

  1. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): Generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, is chronic anxiety over various day to day activities and thoughts. People with GAD worry for the majority of the day, even when there is nothing significant to provoke these worries. Still, they might feel overly worried about potential health issues, problems at work, or challenges at home.
  1. Social anxiety disorder: Social anxiety occurs in everyday social situations. Those with social anxiety disorder might become fearful and anxious at work, at school, at a party, or in other social scenarios. This is different from feeling shy or slightly nervous around others. 
  1. Specific phobias: A specific phobia another form of anxiety, which is centralized around an irrational fear: for example, a fear of spiders, germs, small spaces, or heights. This causes one to avoid all scenarios that might require one to come into contact with their specific phobia.

Do any of these disorders describe your day to day? Do you feel anxious daily about a range of potential misfortunes? Do you feel anxious when you’re around a lot of people? Or, do you have an irrational fear of bugs, heights, crowded spaces? If you think you might have an anxiety disorder, consider working with an anxiety counselor at Thriveworks Germantown in Montgomery County.

How Can Anxiety Counseling Help Me?

Anxiety counseling often focuses on helping individuals change their thought patterns as well as better manage all of the harmful symptoms that accompany their anxiety. One approach to counseling in specific, cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, is especially effective.

A counselor or therapist at Thriveworks Germantown can help you conquer those obsessive or irrational thoughts: No, your friend isn’t ignoring you, they just can’t come to the phone right now; you aren’t having a heart attack, but a panic attack (a common misunderstanding); and everyone in the room isn’t starting at you. These are realizations your counselor can help you make and, in turn, knock those irrational thoughts down.

Schedule an Appointment for Anxiety Counseling at Thriveworks Germantown, MD in Montgomery County

There are anxiety counselors and psychologists at Thriveworks Germantown who can help you understand your anxiety, better cope with the harmful symptoms, and take back control of your mind. If you think you could benefit from working with a mental health professional, give us a call. We won’t put you on a waiting list but set you up with a counselor who can best help you and your unique situation. The providers at Thriveworks have undergone extensive training and have the experience required to lead you on a successful journey in therapy.

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the past few years and especially in recent months. On my first session with Janet I felt a warmth and a connection that usually takes much longer to achieve. She is open and friendly, encouraging and offers guidance. I find that I look forward to our sessions and reflect back on them as well. The additional resources that Janet has provided have been invaluable. I strongly encourage anyone having a tough time these days should reach out to Thriveworks Germantown.

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