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For many of us, family is what makes the world go ‘round.  We couldn’t imagine life without our family members and, frankly, we don’t want to.  Family can shape everything about us, from what we eat to what we wear to our very purpose and identity.

When trouble strikes a family, the aftermath can be gruesome if not tackled head-on.  Family therapy can help: The therapists work to evaluate all aspects of the family and help members resolve or at least manage conflict. The counselors and psychologists at Thriveworks Germantown in Montgomery County know that facing challenges is a normal part of being a family.  They work to provide families with support and guidance to allow families to grow closer together through every obstacle they face.  Through family therapy, our clients understand their families better and learn to relate to one another in healthy ways.

How Can Family Therapy Help My Family?

One of the main goals of family therapy is for each member to be equally supported and have their voice heard: our clinicians want to see families growing together.  Maybe your family is experiencing multiple challenges and they keep piling up one on top of another, or maybe there has been one occasion that your family can’t overcome.  Here are examples of challenges that families have faced and overcome through family therapy at Thriveworks:

  • Unforeseen crises such as family death, job loss, or loss of home
  • Permissive parenting and uncontrollable children
  • Domineering parenting and disobedient children
  • A marriage that lacks connection
  • Hormonal changes or growing pains within a child that may be causing or increasing conflict
  • A family member (or members) with unmet needs
  • Unresolved tension/strain in family relationships
  • A family member facing a mental illness diagnosis

If your family has undergone or is currently undergoing one or more of these challenges, family therapy could be just what you need.  Sometimes extra guidance and support while working through your issues can be that helping hand your family needs to start your path toward a happier life as a unit.  In family therapy, our clinicians can assist by:

  • Opening or reopening communication lines
  • Equipping each family member with the tools they require to articulate their needs
  • Providing guidance on how to healthily support your family members
  • Teaching how to use calming techniques to resolve differences or tension between individual family members.

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Do you feel like your family is chartering in unknown and/or unwanted territory and can’t find a way out?  At Thriveworks, we know that growing closer as a family is challenging, but it is possible.  Our counselors can provide guidance and support throughout your journey because they know…

  • Dialogue and compromise are crucial to growth
  • The problem is the problem and placing blame on people does not help
  • Understanding and empathizing with your family members brings you closer together
  • Empowering individuals in the family to express their needs is key to successful sessions.

Are you ready to get your family back on track?  Our goal at Thriveworks is to offer a safe space for families to work together.  We have a “no waiting list” policy, and you and your family can have your first session within 24 hours.  Also, we partner with a variety of insurance companies.  We strive to provide exceptional services to all of our clients.

If you are ready to meet with one of our family therapists, give Thriveworks Germantown a call today at (240) 949-6808.

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