Family Therapy in Encinitas, CA--Best Counselors for Families North of San Diego

Family Therapy in Encinitas, CA–Best Counselors for Families North of San Diego

There’s an old saying that a family can only be as happy as its least happy member. One sibling or parent’s struggle with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, anorexia, or something else can affect the family unit as a whole. That’s why it can sometimes be essential to explore the dynamics between family members, to uncover how your loved ones communicate, what rules might be unspoken in a family, and what strategies might work to solve problems at home. That’s where professional counselors come in. 

The licensed family therapists at Thriveworks in Encinitas, CA have the skills to help enhance understanding between family members who might feel disconnected or in conflict. These impartial counselors can offer effective, evidence-based solutions to issues that may disrupt a family’s equilibrium. And a family therapist at Thriveworks can recommend individual counseling to family members who may need additional support. 

Three Examples of When Family Therapy Can Help

  1. Blended family issues. Abbie never thought she’d fall in love again after her acrimonious divorce, but then she met Steve, who had been through something similar with his first wife. Abbie and Steve both had school-age children and at first they were hesitant to blend their families. Before they got married, they wanted to make sure the kids felt safe, secure, and supported in their new blended home. So Abbie and Steve reached out to a Thriveworks family therapist in Encinitas, CA who could help their children vocalize any concerns they might have. 


  1. Intergenerational family issues. After her daughter lost custody of her children due to substance abuse issues, Patty’s grandchildren moved in with her and her husband. Patty still retained hope that her daughter would go to rehab and get custody back, but meanwhile she needed professional support raising two troubled teenagers whose mother had problems of her own. Patty sought help from a family therapist at Thriveworks in Encinitas, CA, attending sessions with her husband and grandchildren, to help them navigate the difficult custody arrangement. 


  1. Behavior issues. Charlie was acting out at home and in school and no one knew why. His younger sister was having nightmares because Charlie bullied her at home. Charlie’s parents were at their wit’s end because none of their disciplinary tactics worked. His dad shouted at him all the time. And Charlie just seemed to act worse and worse. A family therapist at Thriveworks in Encinitas, CA helped the family identify Charlie’s behavior as a reaction to his parents’ marital and financial difficulties. The therapist gave the family the resources they needed to reopen the lines of communication and rebuild trust. The therapist also recommended that Charlie receive individual counseling for depression. 

What Can I Expect from Family Therapy?

A family therapist can serve in a variety of roles during therapy sessions at Thriveworks in Encinitas, CA. Sometimes their role is to challenge pre-existing thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behavior in family members. Sometimes a therapist’s role is to educate family members about a mental condition that someone in the family might be experiencing. Sometimes a therapist’s role is to act as an impartial observer and listener. The licensed family therapists at Thriveworks are trained to see everyone’s perspective and help find solutions to problems in a household or an extended family. They are not there to assign blame or pick sides. Family therapy is typically short-term and focused on finding practical strategies for dealing with issues. A family counselor might ask insightful questions or conduct exercises to get at the heart of a family, the core values and dynamics that make a family tick, for example:

  • Individual roles within the family
  • The family’s underlying strengths and weaknesses
  • Unspoken rules and codes of behavior 
  • Communication patterns

The goals of family therapy can vary, but family members often want to ease any existing tension at home and nurture an environment where everyone feels safe and secure. A family therapist at Thriveworks can use an activity like “the miracle question” to help illuminate what everyone in the family wants to achieve. 

Show Your Love for Your Family with a Counseling Session at Thriveworks in Encinitas, CA

Booking a family therapy session can be a sign of love and strength, not dysfunction. The licensed family therapists at Thriveworks in Encinitas, CA want to help family members identify what works as well as what needs modifying. This can be a loving, clarifying process that takes place either in the Thriveworks office or online, at your convenience.

Families who enroll at Thriveworks can access their counselors between sessions via phone or email. They also get the support of our Ask-a-Coach 24hr Q&A service, where we always have licensed counselors standing by to answer questions and give expert life advice. Give Thriveworks a call today and you might meet with your family counselor as early as tomorrow. We look forward to booking your first exceptional session. 

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