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Isaiah has a big dilemma. He needs to choose between risk and safety. Isaiah is doing well in his current job. He likes it. It pays well. His coworkers and boss are great. Staying is the safe choice. But since he was a kid, Isaiah and his brother have dreamed about going into business together. The perfect location for their recording studio came available. Isaiah’s brother has jumped on the opportunity. He has pulled together a business plan. It is aggressive but also reasonable. This is the risky choice. As with any risk, Isaiah knows the potential reward is big, but there are no guarantees. Before making a decision about his career, Isaiah makes another decision: to meet with a life coach. In their first few sessions, Isaiah and his life coach discuss, dream, wonder, analyze, and Isaiah came to a confident decision. He is ready for the risk. He is fully informed about the work he is committing himself to, and Isaiah is confident in this decision.

Bev is nervous about her new adventure. She has lived in the same apartment and worked the same job for two decades. It was time for a change, and she is going for it. She has always wanted a scene change, and when a job opened up, Bev applied and got it. Now, she is packing up her life and moving across the country. She is excited. She is nervous. She is wondering if she made a mistake. She wonders if staying would be the mistake. Bev made another big decision: to work with a life coach as she navigates this change. As Bev and her coach work together to come up with a plan, her worries fade and her confidence grows. Bev is equipped with concrete steps to take that will help her get established in a new city—both personally and professionally. And the best part? Bev can keep working with her coach because their sessions are all online through a teleconference.

Thriveworks Dallas provide life coaches because more and more people are reaching out for help as they navigate transitions and roadblocks in life. Life coaches are often the right solution for support and guidance.

What in the World Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a relatively newer type of mental health care, but it is a growing field. In certain circumstances, life coaches can meet the needs of many people in a way that traditional therapy cannot. Because it is a newer field, many people are learning about what life coaches do. Here are some quick facts that detail what life coaches do and do not do:

  • Every coach has their own, unique style.
  • Life coaching is primarily dedicated to inspiring people to reach their goals and their full potential.
  • Life coaches and therapists are different positions and different professions.
  • Appointments for life coaching are usually very flexible and can be individualized to a particular client’s preferences and needs.
  • An organization called The International Coach Federation (ICF) is committed to education initiative for life coaches and to promoting ethical standards for them.
  • Life coaching is not a regulated title—there is no official certification for becoming a life coach. The quality of care between one life coach and another can vary greatly.
  • Life coaches can work by themselves or together with other medical or therapeutic professionals.
  • Many of the techniques of life coaching are believed to be draw from principles first established in sports coaching.

If you have a goal you are eyeing, it might be time to meet with a life coach. If you are dreaming about what your full potential could be, it might be time to meet with a life coach. If you want to emphasize your strengths and reinforce your weaknesses, it may be time to meet with a life coach. If you need more encouragement, inspiration, advice, challenge, and accountability in your life, it might be time to meet with a life coach.

Your goals become your life coach’s goals—whether it is personal or professional, life coaches help their clients focus upon achievement. Life coaches work with CEOs, teachers, parents, new graduates, retirees, and more. Anybody could possibly benefit from working with a life coach.

How Might Life Coaching Help You?

Life coaches tailor their care to each client—addressing specific needs. Just as care from a life coach will be unique, so will the benefits. However, generally speaking, many people identify how a life coach has helped them…

  • Gain a more clear vision for their life.
  • Establish goals that support that vision.
  • Receive unbiased feedback.
  • Learn techniques and strategies for fulfilling their potential.
  • Accept more accountability that allowed them to achieve more.
  • Be inspired and dream.
  • Find motivation to overcome setbacks.
  • Increase their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Develop personally.
  • Develop professionally.

Setting Up an Appointment for Life Coaching at Thriveworks Dallas

If you are ready to meet with a life coach, the staff at Thriveworks Dallas is ready to meet with you. When you call to set up an appointment at our office, a real person will answer your call and help you schedule a session. New clients often meet their life coach the following day. We accept many different insurance plans. We also offer evening and weekend appointments.

Our life coaches are ready to help you as you strive toward your full potential. Let’s work together. Call Thriveworks Dallas today.

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