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Marriage is often just the beginning of a couple’s journey together. Like most journeys, there are many peaks and valleys. Wedded bliss is only one piece of the roadmap. That is why marriage vows usually include the line, “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in health and sickness.”

Every marriage will have both the “better” and the “worse” part, but no couple has to navigate the hardship alone. Many spouses are going to marriage counseling and coming through the difficulty with a stronger connection.

Thriveworks Counseling in Dallas, TX offers marriage therapy, couples counseling, and premarital counseling to help couples at every stage of their relationship. We have worked with many couples who love each other but do not know how to move their relationship forward. Our professionals have been their guides. To get scheduled with one of our marriage counselors, call our office.

Is Now the Time for Marriage Counseling?

Spouses often wonder, should we go to marriage therapy over this? When is the right time to start counseling? In some ways, the only people who know when they are ready for marriage therapy are within the marriage. There is no right time to start marriage counseling, but there is also no wrong time to start it either. Some people start counseling in the midst of a crisis, when they feel like they are out of options. Some spouses start therapy because of a particularly stressful circumstance, even though their relationship may be doing well. Other couples have a goal they may want to achieve together and therapy can help them reach it. No list could contain all the reasons some couples begin therapy, but here are a few…

1) They do not like each other.

It may not be popular to admit, but at times, spouses may love each other but they do not like each other. When this becomes a normal way of relating instead of an occasional feeling, then these feelings may be a signal that something is going on in the marriage that needs to be addressed. One spouse may have broken trust. One spouse may have made a reckless decision. One spouse may have had an affair. Whatever the circumstances may be, spouses should not ignore the feeling that they do not like their partner. These negative feelings are indicators that a marriage is in trouble. Marriage therapists often can help spouses uncover the root issue and work through it.

2) They do not feel anything for each other.

Not love. Not hate. Not frustration. Not passion. All emotion—positive and negative—has ceased. Ice can cause just as much damage as fire. All romantic relationships ebb and flow, but coldness becomes the pattern, both spouses should consider reaching out for help. Apathy can be just as hurtful as fighting. Couples can get out of this apathy when they are willing to address unresolved issues. Marriage therapists can often help couples identify the roots of the stonewalling and rekindle their love.

3) They are living separate lives.

Life is busy, and everyone gets caught up in a crazy calendar at times. When spouses live completely separate lives, that is different than spouses who are busy or who have unique hobbies. No, spouses who are living parallel lives often have difficulty connecting. They never come together. They never get on the same page. They are pulling toward different targets.

4) On-going issues are driving a wedge within the marriage.

Every couple has annoyances that are on-going. It may be as small as how loudly one spouse chews. It may be a bigger issue, like how to relate to the in-laws. It is paramount that spouses speak to each other about these issues with the kindness of respect, but often, these problems escalate into personal attacks. This drives a wedge between each spouse and makes daily life harder. If on-going issues are plaguing the marriage, it may be time to reach out for help.

5) They think therapy might help.

Like most mental health care, couples often get out of marriage therapy what they put into it. If a couple wants to go to therapy, it will probably help them. If you or your spouse is wondering if it is time to go to marriage counseling, it probably it. Give it a try.

Setting Up an Appointment for Marriage Counseling at Thriveworks in Dallas

As you read through the list of why other people have gone to marriage counseling or another form of relationship counseling, did you recognize anything?

Thriveworks in Dallas offers unique care to every couple who comes to our offices for marriage counseling. When you call to set up an appointment, know that you will not reach a voicemail. A scheduling specialist will help you make an appointment, and that session may be the following day.

New clients often meet with their therapist within 24 hours of their first call. We accept many forms of insurance. We also offer weekend and evening appointments. Contact Thriveworks in Dallas today.

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