Infidelity Counseling in Columbus, OH (Polaris)

Infidelity Counseling

Trust is the glue that bonds a marriage.  When that trust is broken, it is no longer possible to continue with the relationship as it was before.  It does not mean the relationship needs to end, the trust can be rebuilt if that’s what both partners want and are willing to work towards it.  Infidelity counseling is often the answer to finding a resolution to this difficult situation.

Infidelity counseling is about recovering from the experience, whether that be repairing the relationship or moving on.  Infidelity for either partner can be a difficult time, full of confusing thoughts and emotions and questions about what they need to be happy.  Although the pain of infidelity can run deep, it can also be the stepping stone to a healthier marriage or relationship with a new person.

Sexual Infidelity

Most physical extra-marital affairs have a deeper cause than sexual gratification or the novelty of a new partner.  It is not uncommon for the partner engaging in the affair to have a frequent and fulfilling sex life within their marriage.  This can cause feelings of self doubt in the other partner of what they did wrong or why they aren’t ‘enough.’.  Or it can cause anger, sadness or range of emotions.  There is no right or wrong way to react to infidelity, everyone is different.

Emotional Infidelity

Emotional infidelity is equally or even more damaging than a physical affair.  Sharing an intimate and emotional bond with someone outside of the relationship can be devastating for the other partner.  Because there is no physical line to cross, there can be a disagreement between the couple if emotional infidelity even took place.  Ultimately, the affair being physical or emotional, or if one partner disagrees it took place at all, what matters is that if one partner feels trust has been violated, the damage has been done.

Infidelity counseling is sometimes for the individual having the affair.  Knowing why one feels the need to look outside their marriage is critical to knowing how best to move forward.  Sometimes relationships end, and it’s not easy to break the news to a partner who’s still committed, or does not know the infidelity took place.  Intense feelings of guilt often accompany an extra-marital affair.  Other times infidelity counseling is for the individual who feels victimized and needs support ending the relationship.  No matter the outcome you desire, infidelity counseling can help you through it.

Working through infidelity is about discovering the root causes of the problem and deciding if both partners are willing to take the steps necessary to rebuild.  Emotions from anger, sadness, self-esteem, and many more need to be addressed as part of the process – these feelings can eventually turn into depression, anxiety or other mental health issues if not resolved.  An experienced infidelity counselor knows how to guide people hurt by an affair, getting them back on track towards happiness – no matter what that may be.

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