Premarital Counseling- Columbia, SC – Counselors and Therapists in Columbia, SC

Premarital Counseling- Columbia, SC – Counselors and Therapists in Columbia, SC

John and Sarah have been dating for over two years now, and they’re starting to consider marriage. They’re wondering if it’s for them, and what it would like to be married.

Sandra and Kaz have already booked their venue, arranged the seating, and chosen their menu. Now, they’re ready to begin preparing their hearts and minds for a life-long commitment.

David and Delilah have been engaged for a few months, but David is starting to have doubts. Is he really ready for marriage? What if he messes it all up? Maybe they’re moving too fast.

All three of these scenarios are great reasons to attend premarital counseling in Columbia, SC. You may have thought, “Is premarital counseling effective?”  Maybe you asked, “Is premarital counseling required.” There are a lot of misconceptions around who goes to premarital counseling. Some think it’s only for struggling couples, while others believe it’s only for those who are sure in their decision to marry.

But here’s the truth about it: everyone can benefit premarital counseling! (803) 477-3736

Thriveworks Columbia premarital counselors are here to help anyone and everyone who has questions revolving around relationships and marriages. The prospect of marriage is simultaneously nerve-wracking and beautiful, terrifying and exciting!

It’s okay to have doubts and questions about your marriage. It’s also okay to be super excited for it! Our premarital counselors in Columbia meet you where you are at so that you and your partner can grow into a bright future.

What is Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling in Columbia, SC is designed to meet your needs and prepare for your future. Our counselors will design each counseling session to uniquely fit your situation. In general, there are five key areas of premarital counseling that most couples work through:

  1. Address any underlying problems.
  2. Develop essential communication skills.
  3. Identify potential future conflicts.
  4. Put plans into place to handle those conflicts.
  5. Cultivate trust, love, and respect.

Of course, premarital counseling in Columbia, SC can address much more than that, but those are the most common topics tackled.

Premarital counseling is effective too. Research showed a 30% higher likelihood of happiness and success in marriage for people who attended premarital counseling than for those who don’t. At Thriveworks premarital counseling in Columbia, therapy isn’t just about the now, it’s about the future.

Columbia premarital counseling might include discussions that touch on:

  • Common Interests and Activities
  • Role Expectations
  • Communication
  • Religion and/or Church
  • Marriage Expectations
  • Budget and Finance
  • Children and Parenting
  • Sexuality
  • The Need for Space
  • Satisfaction in a marriage
  • Feelings of non-commitment and identifying where they stem from
  • Current concerns you have about the relationship and how to overcome them
  • Should we go through with marriage?

Some couples are worried that if they attend premarital counseling, they will end up harming their relationship more than hurting it. The truth is, if there are underlying issues in your relationship, it’s best to work through them now then have them come up later. Every relationship has rough spots and weak areas, this is nothing to be ashamed of! Premarital counseling proves to yourself and your partner that you are willing to fight for the future of what you have.

At the end of the day, premarital counseling is about equipping you and your partner with the tools needed to make you healthy and happy as individuals – and as a couple. Occasionally, this might mean postponing the wedding or ending romantic ties all together. Know that if this discussion is brought up our Columbia premarital counselors will walk you through it.

You have put your heart and soul into this relationship, and it deserves the best (just like you)! Professional premarital counselors in Columbia, SC are excited to give you the tools and training you need to have a happier and more successful marriage.

Premarital counseling in Columbia, SC may be more affordable that you though, too.  We accept most major insurance plans. We offer convenient appointment times – day, evening, and weekends.  Plus, there’s not long wait for your first appointment. We can often schedule your first premarital counseling session in 24-48 hours.

To get more information or to schedule an appointment today, call (803) 477-3736.

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I have absolutely loved my time with my counselor! She has given me many handouts and tips to help me with everyday life! Our DBT sessions have truly changed my life!!
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Anna Gantt-Gordon, Is a very loving and caring person. She cares about the well-being of her clients and goes beyond the call of duty to make sure they are receiving the best of service. Great assess to your company!
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Carlton is awesome he’s great has really helped me
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Cierra is an awesome person who always goes above and beyond.She is very caring,compassionate,devoted,dedicated,honest,loving,and dependable.Cierra has a heart of gold which i really love about her and is a great listener.Cierra analyze situations and knows how to give great advice .She does not just go through the motions.She makes a connection with individuals and has a personality which is very bubbly.Her smile is very contagious and she gives off positive energy which is needed on a daily basis.I highly recommend her because she is excellent in everything she does.She definitely makes a difference in individual lives.
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So happy for this new location- very welcoming.

After searching for quite awhile for a Therapist group, was so happy to find this location! So convenient. From the moment I walked in I knew I had found a great place to start seeing someone. The lobby is so warm and welcoming, relaxed me right away. Bonus! was happy to find a Keurig- what a treat!
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