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Can you relate to this? Maybe you have done something similar… you are out at a bar, and after a few drinks, you know it’s time to stop. Work is in the morning. It is getting late. But highlights from the big game just came on a TV close to you. You have to see them. And might as well enjoy another cold one while you watch. So you tell yourself, it’s okay…this is not a problem, right? Right. Or possibly not. Alcoholism can be tricky. Knowing when enough has crossed into too much, too often or when control has been lost is not always easy.

Counseling from an objective professional has helped many people regain control when it comes to alcohol. Therapists can assess their clients’ alcohol use and give them tools for treating any use that may be harmful or addictive.

Thriveworks Columbia, SC has helped many people find treatment for their alcoholism and take back control from any alcohol dependency or abuse.

Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder, more commonly known as alcoholism, is a disease that unsettles the balance in people’s brains. The chemicals that allow people to feel pleasure when they drink alcohol increase, and the ones that regulate impulsiveness decrease.

This imbalance in people’s brain often shows itself as loss of control in their behavior. Alcohol use disorder means people lose control over their alcohol consumption. Alcoholics may drink compulsively and have negative emotions when alcohol is not in their system.

Alcoholism may have a genetic and social cause. Having a family member who is an alcoholic can put someone at greater risk. Drinking at a young age may also put people at risk for alcoholism.

There are many ways that people use alcohol that are harmful but do not necessarily make them an alcoholic. Skilled doctors and therapists can diagnose the difference between harmful drinking and alcohol use disorder.

Possible Signs of Alcoholism

All people minimize their problems, to some degree. Overcoming denial is often the first step toward healing, but it is a challenge. Alcoholics face the same difficulty. They always have reasons for their behavior, possibly even plausible reasons, but excuses will not help anyone. Alcoholism is a serious disease that requires treatment.

Think about your own drinking habits. If you can identifying with one or more of the following habits, it may be time to come out of denial and get help.

Often, people who have alcohol use disorder will …

  • Drink more to experience the same buzz or good feelings
  • Crave alcohol
  • Show anger or annoyance when they cannot drink
  • Drink in secret or while alone
  • Develop a ritual for when they drink
  • Try to quit or curb their drinking without success
  • Prioritize drinking above family, work, hobbies, and friends
  • Continue drinking despite the relational, legal, relational, monetary or professional difficulties it has caused
  • Shake, vomit, or sweat when going too long without alcohol or trying to quit

Alcoholism and Its Accompanying Health Problems

Alcoholism is a serious disease, but it can also cause other health challenges. Sustained and/or high alcohol levels in a person’s blood stream are connected to many other health complications. Health problems often accompany alcoholism, especially if it is left untreated. These can include …

  • Loss of sight
  • Gastritis
  • Liver disease
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Birth defects
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Diabetes complications
  • Osteoporosis

Treatment and Therapy at Thriveworks Columbia, SC

When reading the list of possible signs of alcoholism, did you recognize any of the behaviors? Have you seen them in your own life? If so, it may be time to ask for help. If you want to deal with your alcohol use but you also want some help in the process, we understand. Thriveworks Columbia, SC has therapists who are supportive and trained to help their clients overcome alcohol addiction.

If you all our office, we want to provide you with the best treatment possible, from the time you start dialing our number. To achieve client-centered care, we have made scheduling an appointment as hassle-free as possible. Here is what you can expect when you call…

  1. A scheduling specialist will help you make your appointment—no navigating an automated response system or leaving a voice mail.
  2. Even for your first appointment, you may be able to see your counselor the day after you call.
  3. If you need a weekend or evening appointment, we have them available.
  4. Our counselors work with many insurance providers.

Alcohol addiction can be devastating. If controlling what you drink is becoming harder and harder, it may be time to make the call. Treatment for alcoholism is possible, and Thriveworks has appointments available. Call today.

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