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A family is a system where every member is connected to each other. For better or worse, people often cannot be understood apart from their family unit. Families pass onto each member patterns of social behavior, emotional processing, and ethical standards. When each member’s needs are met and when each member makes important contributions, families often function cohesively and flourish. However, families can easily be knocked off balance, and the system needs adjusting.

Is your family unit facing any of these challenges?

● Parenting is harder than you or your spouse anticipated.
● The family is repeating a hurtful cycle of behavior over and over again.
● One person in the family is experiencing anger, anxiety, or frustration, and other members are affected.
● Lack of communication or poor communication has led to hard feelings.
● Family members are growing apart, but no one knows how to come back together again.

When families are having a hard time working together, they often need outside help to re-establish healthy interactions. A family counselor can help families understand their unique challenges and implement necessary adjustments that help each member.
Thriveworks Marriage and Family Counseling in Columbia, SC understands that every family faces challenges and needs help at times. That’s why we provide family therapy. Our professionals may have the skills your family needs to overcome its challenges and start working together again. (803) 477-3736

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy rests upon the idea that families form people’s behaviors and identities. Each individual must be understood within the context of their family. Family therapists generally focus on how the family offers comfort, copes with stress, defines each member’s role, and gives expectations. During a session, a family counselor may explore how love languages, birth order, and/or personality types affect the challenges unique to each family. This often leads to adjustments that allow the family to meet each other’s needs and/or contribute to the family in a meaningful way.

The goal of family therapy is to facilitate better communication, more interdependence (but not codependence), and more harmony in the family’s life. Strong families offer many possible benefits to the community and to each member of the family, including …

● More secure attachment between parents and children; therefore, an increased chance that children learn healthy relational skills.
● Decreased risk of poverty because parents have shared income potential.
● A greater capacity to handle stress and hardship because of emotional connection and comfort.
● Fewer cases of abuse, neglect, or problems with the law.
● Reduced cases of anxiety disorders and depression-related conditions.

Getting Help Together

Your family faces many challenges. More than one family member contributes to the dynamic? Family therapy may be helpful if your family faces…

1. Domineering parenting style with rebellious children
2. Hormonal fluctuations within a parent or teen that may be causing conflict
3. A special-needs family member who needs unique care/interaction
4. Inadequate/no premarital counseling and/or marriage maintenance guidance
5. Neglect, addiction, and/or abuse
6. Lax parenting style with out-of-control children
7. A family member whose needs are not met
8. Love/intimacy problems in the marriage relationship
9. Hostility/tension in any relationship
10. Particularly stressful times such as job loss of death as a divorce/separation prevention

There is no quick fix for overcoming these or similar problems, but family counseling has given many people a safe place to acknowledge unhealthy patterns of behavior and find new, more harmonious ways to work together. Each family member must be willing to do the work required to strengthen the family bond.

Thriveworks Marriage and Family Therapy in Columbia, SC helps families find practical answers to life their challenges. Our marriage and family therapists understand what knocks families off balance and what it takes to regain stability. We know that …

● Listening and empathy go a long way to ease family tensions
● the family or individual who comes in for help is not the problem—the actual problem is the problem
● every family member needs a voice
● every conflict has a workable compromise

If your family needs help tackling life’s challenges, call Thriveworks Marriage and Family Therapy in Columbia, SC today. We accept most major medical insurance and we have no waiting list for appointments. We make getting family therapy more convenient by offering day, evening, and weekend appointments. Your family deserves the best! Call Thriveworks Marriage and Family Therapy in Columbia, SC today! (803) 477-3736

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