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Losing a loved one—a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a friend—is crushing. Grieving such a loss can prove to be a completely distressing experience. Not to mention other losses, such as a miscarriage or the death of a pet, can be just as heartbreaking. In both instances, grief involves letting go of someone or something and learning to live life without it. Additionally, it means working through difficult emotions—emotions that nobody wants to experience—like sadness, anger, fear, and confusion.

“No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.” –C.S. Lewis

The bottom line is that grief and loss can be excruciating. And getting through this tough time requires an abundance of support. The good news is that there are medical professionals who dedicate their work to guiding individuals through the grief process and providing them with the support that they need. Grief counselors can help those who have just found out about the loss of a loved one, as well as those who have been processing their loss for a few weeks or months now—the grief counselor’s ultimate mission is to help their clients heal.

Did a loved one recently pass? Have you experienced another heartbreaking loss? Think about working with a grief counselor at Thriveworks Chesapeake. These experts can help you work through all of your difficult feelings related to the loss, find a new normal, and ultimately assist you in grieving properly. Furthermore, they will offer you endless support. If you think you could benefit from grief counseling, reach out to Thriveworks Chesapeake today. Call us at (757) 414-6427 to schedule your appointment.

Symptoms of Grief: Despair, Rebellion, and More

Grief is our response to loss, specifically the loss of an individual or thing that we loved and cared for. There are different types of grief, characterized by one’s emotions, behaviors, and ability to heal. For example, normal grief is characterized by the emotions we mentioned above: sadness, anger, fear, confusion. Those who experience normal grief also struggle to go about their day to day after their loss, but with the right support, they heal and get back to living well.

Complicated grief, however, is more extensive. Individuals with complicated grief are mentally and emotionally impaired. They feel completely distressed over their loss and find day to day activities impossible. Often, these individuals need a little extra support to move forward from their loss. If you exhibit the following symptoms of complicated grief you might need the guidance of a grief counselor: 

  • You can’t stop thinking about your loss
  • You feel depressed on dates related to the loved one lost
  • You rebel or engage in self-destructive behavior like binge-drinking
  • Your grief is triggered by the smallest events or conversations
  • You make an extreme lifestyle change
  • You refuse to talk to loved ones about your loss—it’s just too difficult

If you are experiencing the above symptoms, reach out to a grief counselor for help. Furthermore, if you have recently experienced a great loss and you need the extra support, consider working with a grief counselor. There is no shame in needing help.

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Grief counseling is a type of therapy aimed at helping people who have experienced a loss. A grief counselor’s mission is to help their client move through the different stages of grief and ultimately heal from the loss so they can live a happy, healthy life again. If you think that you could benefit from grief counseling, reach out to Thriveworks Chesapeake. Our counselors are the best of the best—they have the right skills to help you and they have completed training that further enables them to help each client that walks into their office.

Give Thriveworks Chesapeake a call at (757) 414-6427 if or when you are ready to schedule an appointment. We’ll be here, and we’ll be ready to get started.

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