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Family counseling might sound a little confusing if you’re used to thinking about counseling sessions as individual activities. Sometimes they are—but if you’re not familiar with counseling, let alone family counseling, then the whole process might sound a little confusing. At Thriveworks in Carlsbad, CA, we know that anyone, including families, can benefit from connecting with our mental health professionals. 

You might wonder why families would need to see a counselor together. The reasons vary, and every family’s dynamic is different. With that in mind, our counselors and therapists commonly help people who are experiencing the following problems at home: 

  • Feelings of resentment or hostility
  • Unruly behavioral issues in children or teens  
  • Alcohol or drug addiction
  • Reluctance to meet each other or schedule sessions together
  • Anxiety over financial issues or relationship difficulties 
  • Undiagnosed mental health conditions or disorders 

These are just a few of the many issues that our family counselors assist with, so don’t feel like your situation needs to be identical. Family counseling aims to bring families together by fostering healthy communication and new levels of understanding between relatives. While it might seem invasive or uncomfortable to talk with a mental health professional about things that are occurring at home, keep in mind that Thriveworks counselors aren’t going to judge or choose sides. Their job is to help you and your loved ones succeed as a cohesive team. 

How Can Family Counseling Help?

As we said previously, family counseling is a way to bring relatives closer together through shared interactions with a family counselor. In these sessions, your counselor will work to examine the current themes and issues that are occurring and help you all to understand them and address them in a productive manner. Counseling services can be a big help to families experiencing difficulties by: 

  • Assisting them to create and respect boundaries for healthy communication
  • Helping to treat relatives with previously undiagnosed mental health conditions 
  • Acting as a neutral third party during therapy sessions, allowing for more balanced dialogue and candid discussion 
  • Encouraging them to empathize and compromise with one another 

Oftentimes, families might not be aware that they don’t fully understand each other’s perspectives, and family counselors can help mitigate this. As licensed mental health professionals, counselors have the ability to diagnose mental health disorders and conditions that might be causing turmoil for the family as well as the person who’s affected.

In some cases, our family counselors work with relatives that don’t live together. We don’t want physical distance to hold you back though—that’s why we recommend online counseling services through Thriveworks in Carlsbad, CA. With the ability to connect with your counselor anywhere with a private space to talk and a reliable internet connection, you’ll be able to get the professional assistance and guidance you all need to start moving forward. 

We also understand that it might feel like seeking counseling services with us is a sign of defeat, or that there’s something inherently wrong with your family. While family life is certainly private, there’s no shame in turning to the stability that’s provided by a family counselor. You can also rest assured that your sessions will be safe and secure whether they’re in person, or online. We follow the strictest APA and HIPAA guidelines to ensure that you’ll be getting the quality care you and your loved ones deserve. 

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It’s okay if you and your family are still feeling uncertain about whether or not seeing one of our counselors is a good idea. The decision to seek mental health services is an independent choice, but it’s also a proactive way to preserve the bonds that hold you all together. Regardless of your current situation, you can call our Carlsbad office to get started; our staff of scheduling specialists can provide you with their expertise and guidance. Whether you’ve been to counseling before, or if it’s your first time ever considering it, we’ve got you covered with professional assistance every step of the way. 

We also offer fantastic benefits for those who choose to see our providers, including: 

  • Weekend and evening session availability
  • Email communication with your provider in between appointments 
  • Our life coach q/a chat line 
  • Scheduling assistance from our specialists, 7 days a week 

With these great benefits, we’re able to make good on our number one priority: putting your family first. Partnering with a family counselor at Thriveworks in Carlsbad, CA might be the solution to the difficulties you’ve all been facing. By working together as a team to share your experience with a mental health professional, you and the ones you love can start building a better life, one session at a time. 

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