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If you’re currently experiencing feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or depression, the good news is there’s a cuddly creature out there just waiting to help. A furry, loving, and amazing pet, is often one of the best cures for loneliness. Not only do they provide immediate companionship, but they also like to do amazing things like eat and watch television. They’re also some of the best listeners on the planet, and they rarely talk back. I know, pets sound almost too good to be true, right? Well, the truth is, they truly are.

#5 Rabbit or Bunny

Not only are rabbits/bunnies give or take the cutest animals on the planet, they also make great companions. They’re extremely social and easily adapt to human companionship. In comparison to most small pets, they also have one of the longest life expediencies. Oh, and the just so happen to have the softest fur, making them one of the ultimate cuddle buddy pets you can get. Rabbits are often used as visitors at mental health ward like Tameside General Hospital in England.

#4 Birds

Whether it’s a parakeet, parrot, or even a cockatiel, birds are extremely loving and intelligent creatures. Many birds have been specifically bred to become human companions, and who doesn’t want a pet that you can actually have a conversation with. For years, birds have been known to be one of the top “therapy animals,” and as a former parakeet owner, I can definitely understand why.

#3 Hamsters

I mean, how could you not love something with a face like that? They may be rodents, but they are the most adorable rodents you can own, and they’re extremely cuddly creatures too. They’re also great if you’re an extremely busy person as most of them don’t require constant attention, and they excel at entertaining themselves and their owners. The Huntercombe hospital in London even use hamsters to help relax their patients.

#2 Kittens/Cats

Let’s face it, the world and the internet are and always will be obsessed with cats, and for good reason. Cats are the most common companion pet in the world because they’re extremely loving, but most cat owners love them for their independent nature too. Cats have been known to help with anxiety, depression, and they’ve been deemed the “unsung heroes of mental health.”

#1 Puppies/Dogs

Where do you even begin. Dogs are simply the greatest things on four legs. Most dogs know nothing but infinite happiness, kindness and playfulness. To see the world through the eyes of a dog is to understand what being happy is all about. They’re also perfect roles models because they all make us aspire to one day sleep 14 hours a day. It’s also been well documented over the years in just how effective service dogs are at treating anxiety and depression. And now… a moment of paws.

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