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Our pets love us unconditionally: They bring us endless fun, joy, and comfort which all prove beneficial to our mental health

Pets can bring an overwhelming amount of fun, joy, and love to our lives—additionally, they can help to soothe any feelings of loneliness. Dogs, cats, and other pets love their owners unconditionally and in showing this love are able to help us feel happy again. The positive impact doesn’t stop…

“I want to walk like you, talk like you”: dogs match their owners’ personality (Video)

We have a huge influence on our dog’s personalities. This, from a Michigan State University study that surveyed over 1,600 dog owners. Researchers asked owners to evaluate their dog’s personalities and answer questions related to the dog’s behavioral history. They also answered questions about their own personalities. The team found…

Dogs improve your overall wellbeing: they help to reduce stress, promote an active lifestyle, strengthen your immune system, and more

In addition to providing love, support, and companionship, dogs are beneficial to our health and overall wellbeing. When we pet a dog, we form a bond and release the hormone oxytocin, which helps to relieve us of stress and anxiety. Dogs also promote an active lifestyle, which helps us to…

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