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Thriveworks Comes to Greensboro, NC: Quick, Flexible Online Counseling Options Offered During COVID-19

Greensboro, NC. September 14, 2020 —Thriveworks Counseling opens its newest office in Greensboro, NC to provide crucial mental health help and support during the pandemic. Currently, the office offers telephone counseling and video counseling session; they hope to open for in-person sessions soon. Thriveworks Counseling isn’t like other counseling practices….

A new study finds that levels of oxytocin, “the love hormone,” are significantly lower in adults who were children when their parents divorced

Quick Summary A new study from Baylor University “Parental divorce in childhood is related to lower urinary oxytocin concentrations in adulthood” finds that oxytocin levels are significantly lower in adults whose parents divorced when they were children. Researchers say that this might help to explain the difficulty that many children…