How to deal with toxic friends: Tips for identifying friendship red flags and maintaining boundaries

Red flags in romantic relationships are a popular subject—but what about our friendships?  Friendship red flags are real and can be an indication that your friendship is toxic or at least needs some work.  If you spot manipulative or controlling behavior in your friendships, it’s important that you set boundaries….

How to regulate your emotions using the Internal Emotion Thermometer, a therapist’s tried and true technique

I’m about to put myself out of a job. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but I do think the following idea could decrease a lot of arguments and lead to better relationships. Introducing: The Internal Emotion Thermometer Let’s first think about the concept of having an internal emotion…

Strategies for coping with infertility and infertility depression

Infertility is often experienced as a crisis, and women tend to carry more of its physical and emotional burden.  Some coping strategies are more compatible with fertility treatment and infertility depression than others.  Though psychologists usually discourage avoidant and escapist strategies, active distraction can reduce stress. More people benefit from…

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (MMHAM): An opportunity to celebrate cultural identity, do a mental health check-in, and lift each other up

MMHAM offers a special opportunity this July for people of all backgrounds to evaluate their cultural identity and take stock of their mental health.  Race and mental illness are touchy subjects for most of us, and if you’re multi-racial, Black, or Asian American, racial identity can feel like a burden….

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