• In addition to providing love, support, and companionship, dogs are beneficial to our health and overall wellbeing.
  • When we pet a dog, we form a bond and release the hormone oxytocin, which helps to relieve us of stress and anxiety.
  • Dogs also promote an active lifestyle, which helps us to regulate our blood pressure, and they lift us up when we’re feeling down or lonely.
  • Additionally, dogs prove to boost our mood pretty easily, and they give us a greater purpose in life.
  • Also, spending time around dogs strengthens our immune system and get us outside under the sun to soak up the essential Vitamin D.
  • Finally, dogs help us socialize and meet new people, of which supports a healthy

Most would agree that dogs are a true gift to humanity: they provide endless love, support, and companionship. And they have multiple positive effects on our health. This probably isn’t a surprise to many dog owners, as you’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of hanging out with your pup. But you might not know the specifics. So, here are 8 ways dogs can improve your health and overall wellbeing:

1. They help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Of course, animals love when you pet them, but did you know that you receive benefits too? When you pet your pup, you form a connection and release the “love hormone” or oxytocin, which relieves stress and anxiety. So, do yourself (and your pet) a favor by taking a break from whatever the day entails and dedicating a moment to just soaking in each other’s company.

2. They promote an active lifestyle.

Dogs love snuggles, but they also love to play. Even on your laziest days, they feel no shame in dropping a tennis ball at your bedside and urging you to your feet. Studies have shown that pet owners have lower blood pressure, which is likely attributed to the active lifestyle that comes with owning a dog.

3. They lift you up when you’re feeling lonely.

Our dogs are often our best friends. And like any good companion, they keep us company and lift us up whenever we’re feeling down. Animals are very intuitive, so if you’re not feeling your best, you can count on their undivided attention.

4. They provide unconditional love.

Seeing your dog’s excitement when you come home can boost your mood instantly. You might have just bombed a presentation at work or instigated a fight with your best friend, but your pup isn’t judging. They love you regardless, and they’re experts at reminding you.

5. They give you a greater purpose.

Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility—they rely on you to sustain their life. You have to feed them, take them out, get them the exercise that they need, and provide nurture. So, as long as you’re ready to take on that kind of responsibility, caring for a dog can give you that greater purpose that is caring for another.

6. They strengthen your immune system.

According to experts, early exposure to pet allergens as well as pet-related bacteria can strengthen one’s immune system and make them less likely to develop allergies to animals and other things like dust and grass.

7. They get you outside.

Spending time in the sun is vital to our health, as Vitamin D helps your body fight physical illnesses like cancer, as well as mental health conditions like depression. Having a dog ensures you get outside and also makes your outdoor time even more fun.

8. They help you socialize and meet new people.

Dogs make new friends everywhere they go—everyone wants to meet and pet the dogs on the block. This makes the process of meeting new people and making friends a lot easier. Not to mention, dogs are happy to serve as this social tool.