Exploring the deep bonds between humans and their companion animals

The human-animal bond is so deep-rooted and self-evident that most scientists neglected to study it for decades.   We now know that the loving relationships between domesticated animals and humans are bidirectional, bestowing health benefits on both man and beast. Though only some pets are officially called emotional support animals (ESAs),…

Strategies for coping with infertility and infertility depression

Infertility is often experienced as a crisis, and women tend to carry more of its physical and emotional burden.  Some coping strategies are more compatible with fertility treatment and infertility depression than others.  Though psychologists usually discourage avoidant and escapist strategies, active distraction can reduce stress. More people benefit from…

Let’s hear it for the forest state of mind: Nature therapy and forest medicine 

The positive effects of nature on mental and physical health are well-documented. Captain Obvious says that’s because humans evolved outdoors, not indoors, for 99.9% of their time on Earth.  Virtual reality nature lacks the multisensory inputs (like soil, volatile organic compounds, and soundscapes) that people need to get the full…

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