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How to Overcome Addiction – Counseling and Therapy in Andover

Addiction is the scourge of the 21st century. More and more people are falling victim to this disease as the pressures of life become harder to bear. What might seem at first as a recreational pastime can spiral into a nightmare where we lose control of our lives. Addiction can happen to anyone, no matter how much willpower you think you have or what your life is like. Our Andover addiction counseling services see people from all walks of life that have fallen into drug addiction, alcoholism, addiction to sex, pornography, gambling, even Facebook and shopping. No matter what it is that you’re addicted to, if you are addicted to something that means that it’s out of your control and you need help.

Common Addiction Symptoms

It’s not always easy to recognize an addict. Often they are nowhere near like the stereotypical “junkie” that one sees on TV or in movies. An addict can look just like you, but will more than likely display some of the following typical symptoms:

  • Keeping secrets. You were once open to people. Now you keep secrets from those you love, mostly out of shame and embarrassment
  • Apathy. You just don’t care about anything anymore. Nothing is important
  • Growing tolerance levels. You need more of what you’re addicted to in order to get the same “buzz” as before.

There are many more symptoms of addiction, but anyone who displays any of the three listed above may well have a problem with substance abuse or addiction.

What Addiction Does

Addiction, in short, costs lives. It tears families apart, breaks up marriages and relationships, alienates children from their parents, can cost vast amounts of money, and in the worst cases can end up killing. People die of drug overdoses, alcohol-related diseases and suicide, all with addiction being the root cause.

Andover Addiction Counseling

Here in Andover we have many options for addicts who need help. Addiction counseling is one great option, and once you acknowledge that you’re in trouble and need help, there are always options for you and you are not alone. Among other treatments, a counseling service can provide:

  • Therapy (both individual and group)
  • Support with the medical aspects of coming off an addiction
  • Family support for loved ones of the addict.

If you feel that you’re in too deep involving substance abuse, alcohol abuse, or any other form of addiction, no matter how banal it might seem, please contact us today before things get any worse.

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