Counseling for Insomnia – Therapists and Counselors in Portland

For those who don’t have insomnia, a good night’s sleep is something that is easy to take for granted. For those with this frustrating condition, however, nothing could be further from the truth. People with insomnia would give just about anything to be able to sleep soundly through the night, as their lack of sleep usually has a profound affect on their quality of life. If you are someone who has been fighting insomnia recently, you may want to consider using our insomnia counseling services in Portland as a way to get your life back on track.

Dealing with insomnia is not as simple as just having to deal with being a bit tired each day. Instead, serious cases of insomnia can actually become quite dangerous, as those who aren’t sleeping at night will have a hard time focusing during the day. You need to be attentive during the daytime hours to do things like drive a vehicle safely, so it is important that your nights are filled with sleep. Side effects other than dangerous driving that can be associated with insomnia include the following:

  • Potential trouble at work due to decreasing performance
  • A loss of valuable personal relationships as a result of short tempered attitude
  • Inability to focus and complete basic task that others take for granted

Many people – perhaps including yourself – make the mistake of trying to ignore their insomnia. You can choose to just continue on with life, hoping the problem will go away on its own. Most likely, however, that is not going to happen, and you will have to continue dealing with this problem for weeks and months to come. Rather than sitting back and hoping for the best, you can choose to take action by contacting our team about our insomnia therapy services.

There are a number of people in and around Portland who have benefitted from our insomnia counseling, and we hope that you will be able to add your name to that list sometime soon. Give us a call right away to learn more about what we can do to hopefully help you get back to sleep – thank you for your time!