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It’s normal in life to experience occasional anxiousness or worry. The night before a big presentation may have awake in your bed, fretting over your preparations. By the same token, it is completely normal to be unmotivated or to have feelings of sadness for periods of time. This can include grief at the end of a close relationship. But anxiety isn’t simply ‘being worried’ and depression is more than just ‘feeling blue.’ Depression and anxiety are persistent, pervasive conditions that intrude in your day-to-day life.

Negotiating life with depression and anxiety is challenging, because these conditions are always with you, coloring everything you see, think and do. When you wake up fatigued, you know it’s because your anxiety kept you awake during the night with thoughts of failure and dread. When you sit on your couch and your phone rings, it’s your depression that keeps you from reaching out and connecting with someone else. Having depressio gn and anxiety inhibits your ability to concentrate, can lead you to be snappy and more irritable with friends, and may lead to insomnia or other sleeping problems.

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The challenges presented by these conditions may seem overwhelming, but there is hope. Research shows that anxiety and depression are highly treatable. The most common treatment, like that offered by Thriveworks Pflugerville TX counselors, focuses on understanding your thinking patterns, identifying the issues that may cause intrusive thoughts, and then providing you tools to modify these thought patterns. Therapists can work with you to reinforce the habits that can help you become truly happy. As you work to address these trials, you can take back your life.

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Our counselors are experienced in helping individuals dealing with both depression and anxiety. Thriveworks therapists have completed a Masters level education to learn how our minds work and why we sometimes have problems. This education is honed by real-world experience as counselors work with experienced guides, made up of other counselors who have succeeded in helping numerous others with their challenges. These guides provide direction and insight that sharpens their counseling skills. All of this education and experience is available to help you.
But more than education, it’s the compassion our counselors have that truly qualified them for their work. This compassion is why many of our therapists work with clients suffering from depression and anxiety. They understand the challenges you’re facing and want to help you improve. Thriveworks counselors honestly care about you and how you’re doing.

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We all want a life that has more peace and joy in it. To make this happen, you need to have an emotionally strong foundation. If you feel you need help to rebuild your life, let a Thriveworks Pflugerville counselor help.

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