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Acknowledging you have a substance use problem is as hard as dealing with it sometimes. The road to recovery can be long, hard, and exhausting. You may not have the support you need or feel comfortable addressing your struggles with close friends and family. Every person has their own unique way of dealing with substance abuse recovery, but you need support and we can help.

Small Group for Substance Abuse

We believe small groups provide an inclusive and safe environment for those dealing with substance abuse to express themselves freely and develop effective tools to help them stay on the track to recovery. In addition, coping skills are learned to handle those fearful moments that may lead to relapse, each second at a time.

Benefits of a small group:

  • Strong sense of belonging
  • Connection with same aged peers
  • Sharing of positive ideas
  • Growth in self-worth and self confidence
  • Sharpen relapse coping skills

How does it work?

At Thriveworks Fredericksburg, VA, we have several small groups. Our group for Substance use will meet weekly for 12 weeks, with additional sessions as needed. There will be a 6 – 8 adults in each group, and 1 provider. The costs is often billable to insurance.

We will meet at our convenient location, 701 Kenmore Ave, Suite 105 in downtown Fredericksburg. If needed, we are able to provide documentation of attendance. Please let your provider know.

Give us a call today at 540-322-5424. We look forward to helping you on your path to recovery!

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