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Is this you? You have just experienced an exasperating breakup from your partner、lover or spouse and you are badly adjusting to your new life? You wonder if everything you are going through is normal or not. Here is the good news: you are not alone in this condition. Several persons who went through energy-sapping breakups often feel like that. And most, if not all of them, seek help and guidance from an experienced relationship counselor or therapist. Described below are some common symptoms associated with relationship breakups:

  • Not getting regular sleep or experiencing acute insomnia
  • Feeling anxious and restless
  • Suffering from depression
  • Not feeling motivated to do anything—whether doing one’s job or participating in social events
  • Losing hope about the future and having recurrent doubts about oneself
  • Lacking the ability to connect socially with other people

It is the responsibility of an experienced relationship counselor or therapist to guide you through the process of full recovery by following some of the steps outlined below:

  • Taking time to listen attentively to all the details of your pre- and post-breakup experiences
  • Offering real-time practical advice based on the information that has been previously obtained from you
  • Creating a comfortable atmosphere for you to clearly express yourself and feel confident once again
  • Helping you get rid of guilt and self-accusation
  • Establishing a favorable circumstance for you to break the ice of making successful and productive relationships

It is sad to notice that some persons who went through emotionally disturbing breakups often try to face all these challenges on their own. This is not just time-wasting but it is also ineffective.
There are social, financial and mental challenges accompanying breakups: While it is easier to confront social and financial challenges alone, mental challenges like depression, anxiety and other disorders require the help of a trained relationship counselor. Social challenge, like withdrawing from your friends and colleagues may be dealt with gradually. And financial difficulties that often follow a breakup may soften sooner or later if you can work very hard. But it requires meeting with a professional therapist to successfully deal with your mental challenges.

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