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One of the integral parts of human nature, occurring in the majority of cultures across the planet, is that of pair bonding, marriage and monogamy. Counterintuitively, infidelity happens in as many cultures as monogamy does – occurring at consistent rates across various societies. The consistency of infidelity among different cultures and societies is suggestive of the idea that adultery is as intrinsic a part of the human nature as monogamous relationships are.

Numerous studies conducted in the US have revealed that about 25% percent of all married individuals will commit an act of infidelity at some point in their relationship. There are a variety of different factors that cause one to cheat on his or her partner and these are always specific to the circumstances of an individual couple. The complexity of adultery and its pervasiveness make coping with the consequences of the act seriously challenging – counseling for infidelity can therefore be a truly helpful part of this process.

Types Of Infidelity

Infidelity is not as simple and straightforward a phenomenon as one might think; experts who have studied infidelity have classified three different forms of this behavior – sexual infidelity, romantic infidelity and a mix of sexual and romantic infidelity. The course that a relationship takes after the act of betrayal has been disclosed depends to a great extent on the type of infidelity committed. An act of simple sexual infidelity is often easier to accept by the betrayed individual as a one-off accident. On the other hand, if one partner is involved romantically with a third person the reconciliation process may be much harder and separation is often a more feasible solution.

Counseling For Infidelity – Can It Really Help?

Regardless of the type of infidelity that has affected a couple, the victim will be subjected to an emotional rollercoaster as a result – experiencing emotions such as grief, anger, distrust or fear. Very often the ‘guilty’ partner will likewise be subjected to an emotional turmoil, suffering from extreme guilt, remorse and shame, for example. Seeking professional support in the form of counseling can often render reconciliation or amicable separation much easier to achieve in the light of this emotional intensity. Counseling for infidelity can create an environment in which the communication necessary to achieve an amicable end to the relationship or to fully reconcile can be attained.

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