Codependency and Dependent Personality Disorder Therapy in Fredericksburg, VA

The majority of individuals who suffer from a psychological condition are not even aware that there is a problem in their lives. Many people who have lived with such a condition for their entire lives will simply become accustomed to that condition and the behavior associated with it will just manifest in second nature. People will not think twice about the way they are living. But certain psychological conditions can cause very unhealthy behavior and this is certainly the case with codependency and Dependent Personality Disorder.

How Do I Know if I am Suffering from One of these Conditions?

It’s important to answer this question with sense and care. Most people have dedicated dependencies to their partner or to someone they truly value in life which does not necessarily mean that they should seek immediate codependency counseling. Being deeply connected with your partner or deeply caring for your parents is perfectly natural. The situation becomes a psychological disorder when you identify with the following traits:

  • Do you feel as though your existence is linked to another person to a considerable extent?
  • Are your emotions dependent upon how other people are feeling?
  • Are you unable to make it through a single day without constant reassurance from your other person?
  • When things go wrong in your life do you blame the other person in your life for those things?
  • Are you submissive to another individual to an exceptional degree?

Remember that just because you feel that you relate to one of the items listed above to a certain degree, does not necessarily mean that you should immediately seek out therapy for codependency.

What Can Be Done About this?

Therapists are available for codependency and Dependent Personality Disorder. They will help you to identify the key issues in your life which might contribute to your unhealthy way of life. Together with a professional you can find different ways to overcome your issues and move forward such that you’re able to lead a life with a better understanding of what a normal level of dependency is on other people and implement this.

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