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Transition Coaching—Therapists and Counselors in Tucson, AZ

“The only constant in life is change” Heraclitus

Our human lives are full of change and, where there is change, there is transition. From the time we are born we are transitioning to the next level of our development, the next step of our inevitable evolution. We reach the next age, grade, milestone, turning point, joyful life events, painful life events, inevitable losses, unexpected losses/betrayals/twists and everything in between. How we deal with change and transition, especially the unexpected, difficult kind, can make or break our future decisions.

Truthfully, the best of us have trouble with change. That is because our brain expects certain things to stay the same. When faced with the unknown that, particularly, an unexpected transition presents, our brain shifts into high gear, reviewing all the ways in which things could go awry. As it gears up, the rest of us start to shut down. Even if we kick into high gear, fighting what’s happening, we usually know, deep down, that things aren’t going back to the way they were. And that causes loss and stress, followed by a series of indicators that we may be in for a rough ride:

  • It becomes hard to focus on or even imagine next steps. Decisions, even everyday, get harder and harder to make and there is a feeling of being in a “fog”
  • A jumble of possibilities, both good and bad, roll round and around in our mind in a jumbled way that starts to feel a little “crazy”.
  • Our emotions are either all over the place and feel uncontrollable or we feel numb
  • We shut down completely and have a hard time functioning at even “normal” tasks
  • We keep trying to make things “go back to the way they were” and experience the defeat of being unable to do that
  • It becomes hard to imagine the future, our life beyond this transition

Any or all of these indicators let us know that we are under stress, in grief and feeling out of control. And it’s a good time to reach out for help.

Transition Coaching is focused on helping you:

  • Let go & accept what is
  • Focus on each moment, instead of the past or future
  • Use this transition to grow and get clearer on all aspects of you and your life
  • Redefine yourself and your true desires
  • Make future decisions from your new clarity

There is recognition, in this deep Coaching, that the transition you face is challenging you to go to the next level. If you fully utilize it for that purpose, you can come out the other side to a future more amazing then you can imagine. Reach out to Thriveworks Tucson today.

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