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Parenting a child is one of the most wonderful experiences someone can have. It’s full of love, joy, and undoubtedly, stress. Thriveworks Tucson will be the first to say parenting is equal parts amazing and terrifying, joyous and difficult, fulfilling and exhausting. We also believe there are ways to extrapolate the joys and decrease the pains of parenting.

Parenting at Thriveworks Tucson, AZ, or counseling for parents, is not for ‘bad’ parents to learn to be ‘good’ parents (it’s all subjective anyhow). It’s a safe place for parents who have questions, concerns, or are plain-out exhausted. We get it! Wanting to attend counseling for parenting to either work on yourself, your relationship with your child, or your child’s emotions or behavior is a display of love for both yourself and your kids.

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What Is Counseling for Parents for? 

What is the difference between counseling for parents and counseling for children and adolescents? Is therapy for parents actually for the parents or for the kids? Will Thriveworks Tucson teach parents how to parent?

Therapy for parents- whether though online counseling or in-person counseling- is a broad topic! Thriveworks Tucson believes in meeting clients where they are at. You can bring up whatever concerns, questions, and topics you want to! It is not a black-and-white field. Counseling for parents might involve counseling for children. It could also involve counseling for developmental disorders such as ADHD or autism. Maybe we will work through a mental health concern like anxiety or depression.

The one thing Thriveworks Tucson will not do is tell you how to parent. Everyone’s parenting style is unique, and our job is not to change that. We can offer some professional tips on how to lovingly handle the ups and downs of a child’s emotional and behavioral health, but that does not mean we will look at you with any judgment. The counselors in Pima county work to be nonjudgmental and empathetic.

Also, give yourself some love! Parenting is hard work, and no one is perfect. Part of counseling for parents might be readjusting your priorities to include yourself. Self-care and self-acceptance are a vital part of parenting.

“Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate” – Author Unknown

Let’s give our kids something great to imitate! Counseling for parents at Thriveworks Tucson can cover many topics, including:

  • Parenting through major life changes (loss of a loved one, move, divorce, etc.)
  • Managing the many duties parenting has
  • Parenting with a mental illness or chronic pain (depression, anxiety, OCD, etc.)
  • Tips on how to parent kids with a mental illness or behavioral health challenge (ADHD, OCD, anger management, etc.)
  • Maintaining your own independence, sense of self, and joy
  • Helping you find your parenting style and implement it effectively and lovingly
  • How to improve communication with your kids
  • Manage guilt or stress that can come with parenting
  • How to manage work life, home life, and personal life
  • Providing consistent care to best care for you child
  • Support for single parents
  • Reaching distant teenagers
  • Improving relationship with your kids

This might seem like a long list but it’s only the tip of the iceberg for the services Thriveworks Tucson can provide to parents!

Should I Go to Counseling for Parents?

Parents, you give so much work, love, and energy to your children, you deserve to take care of yourself as well. Setting aside some time for yourself will be beneficial for your kids as well. When they see you taking care of yourself, they will imitate it and start forming healthy self-care habits.

Putting time into your relationship with your kids by learning the best, research-proven methods for parenting can also be a worthwhile investment that will continue to pay off for years to come. When you take the time to attend an online counseling or in-person counseling session with Thriveworks Tucson, you’re investing into your relationship with your children and their future.

Counseling for parents in Pima county might be especially rewarding if you’re struggling with:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Struggling to get a healthy amount of sleep
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Constant backlash or fighting with your child
  • Unsure how to parent a specific issue
  • Recently went through a big family change
  • Are unhappy or unfulfilled
  • Want to work on your relationship with your children
  • Want to help your child through a hard time
  • Have someone in the family with a mental illness
  • Want to work on your own happiness! This is an oftentimes understated but crucial aspect of counseling

Counseling for parents can have a wide range of benefits. It’s flexible to meet your needs and goals for your family. Thriveworks Tucson will stand by your side, encourage you, and give you professional guidance as you navigate the oftentimes difficult waters of parenting.

You are loving your children the best you can, and that alone is an amazing and powerful thing. Thriveworks Tucson, AZ is not here to change that, we’re just here to hone your parenting style so it is effective and help you be aware of your own limits.

To schedule and online parent therapy appointment or an in-person appointment, give us a call or schedule online.

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