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Autism Spectrum Therapy in Tucson, AZ serving Pima County 

1 in 59 kids are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), yet many of them are receiving inadequate mental and behavioral health guidance or are living undiagnosed completely. Living with an autism spectrum disorder doesn’t mean your child will live a less impactful and fulfilling life. Kids and adults with autism can still find joy, passion, work, love, and everything else that neurotypical (those without autism) people can find.

However, autism spectrum disorders do mean your child might have unique ways of learning and interacting with the world. Autism usually affects how a person communicates and acts, and this can set them apart from their peers. Thriveworks Tucson, AZ in Pima county will shed light on the issue of Autism and provide you and your child or loved one with helpful tools and education to make living with autism easier.

Our therapists offer autism spectrum disorder counseling via both in-person counseling and online therapy. Both methods of therapy are effective in helping those who live with an autism spectrum disorder integrate with the outside world. Our goal is not to change you, only to make it easier to interact with others and more effectively pursue your goals.

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder? 

Autism is a developmental disorder, which means the symptoms will begin in childhood. Depending on where on the spectrum a person is, their symptoms can be more or less severe. In some cases, it can take years for autism to be diagnosed. Adults and teenagers living with autism face social land learning differences that set them apart from their peers. Without a diagnosis, they can be at a loss as to how to help themselves. Thriveworks Tucson has therapists ready to help anyone living with autism, regardless of age.

Autism is not a “bad” disorder or one that automatically sets people up for failure. There are many recorded instances in history that point towards people having autism spectrum disorder and functioning perfectly fine in their society. The difference today is how busy and noisy the world has become. Autism affects how children and adults see and interact with the world around them. When the world is noisy, fast-moving, ever-changing, and productivity-focused, it can impede on a person with autism’s ability to function. This perceived disability is more a result of the external world than their internal mind.

When we can’t change the world, we can change how we react to it. Thriveworks Tucson’s goal is to help people with autism in Pima county better adjust to their surroundings. Having autism does not mean you are less capable of success and happiness! It might look differently than what people expect success and happiness to look like, but the world would be very dull if everyone was the same.

If you are concerned that you or a loved one has autism, look for these signs:

  • Inability to make eye contact
  • Poor listening skills
  • Lack of expressed emotions (has one set facial expression that doesn’t change often: not a lot of smiling or laughing)
  • Failure to respond or lapse in response when their name is called
  • Difficulty holding a conversation
  • Intense, focused interest in one topic
  • Difficulty reading contextual clues and tone of voice
  • Reputative speech or actions (repeating words or phrases, one specific movement that is repeated)
  • Dislike of change; needing the same routine
  • Acute sensitivity to light, texture, noise, or taste
  • Disturbances in sleep patterns
  • Preference for older companions, difficulty relating to peers.

Symptoms will begin to surface around the age of 2. There is no “cure” for autism, so the symptoms will last in some form for a person’s entire life. With coping mechanisms and behavioral therapy, people with autism can be independent and successful.

Of course, everyone will display symptoms differently. The autism spectrum is called a spectrum because of how diverse the symptoms are. One person with autism will look differently than another with autism.

Thriveworks Tucson understands the frustration and even fear that can come from living with autism. We have therapists who are specialized in autism spectrum disorder and can help you cope with your symptoms and continue to thrive. Call now for an online therapy session or an in-person therapy session.

What Is Autism Therapy? 

Thriveworks Tucson, AZ keeps our online therapy and in-person therapy sessions flexible to best accommodate your needs and goals. Therapy for autism will look different based on the symptoms, severity, age, gender, and life goals.

Our Autism spectrum disorder counselors in Tucson, AZ have years of experience and training treating autism. In a counseling session, you might:

  • Work with the school to get in-class aid
  • Develop communication skills
  • Work with parents to adapt to the child’s unique needs (like sensitivities to changing plans or texture, for example)
  • Practice physical therapy (managing repetitive behavior)
  • Develop behavioral management skills
  • Practice occupational therapy (reinforcing life skills such as getting dressed, preparing food, and brushing teeth.)

There is much more that goes into counseling for Autism spectrum disorders, so if you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them over phone call or email.

An autism diagnosis can be scary and confusing. Thriveworks Tucson wants to remind you that living with autism can still be a fulfilling, happy experience. Many people are doing it right now! Autism is neither preventable nor curable, so the task of managing symptoms for a lifetime can feel daunting. Thriveworks Tucson works hard to equip you with tools so it is not an exhausting endeavor and leaves you enough time, space, and energy to pursue your passions.

If you have questions about autism spectrum disorders or autism therapy, give Thriveworks Tucson a call today. We are also opened to seeing new clients via online counseling and in-person counseling.

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