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Think back to elementary or middle school: You were likely given a family tree assignment, in which you were asked to create a diagram illustrating your relationships to your family members. Some kids are more than happy to complete this assignment, even excited to get started. Others, though, are reluctant or even unwilling to do so. It all depends on what their family and home life is like.

Family can be a tough subject. Some people are fortunate enough to grow up in a healthy and happy household, while others experience unhealthy dynamics with family members from the get-go. The good news is that there is a type of therapy designed to help people work through their problematic relationships with their family members. Family therapy can help you and your family members address the specific challenges you’re enduring right now, as well as those from the past that haunt you to this day. Family therapy can even help you and your family members learn how to better communicate or problem solve, so that you are better prepared for future challenges.

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” –Leo Tolstoy

Thriveworks Troy Counseling in Oakland County has family therapists and counselors on our team who can help you as soon as today. These professionals are dedicated to helping families just like yours work through problems and improve their dynamics. If you think that your family could benefit from talking to one of our providers, don’t hesitate to reach out. Just call our office and we can get you scheduled.

Working Through Family Problems with a Family Therapist

To echo the definition of family therapy above, family therapy focuses on helping families work through their unique challenges and improve relationships with one another. The ultimate mission is to help each individual live better and also advance the family unit as a whole. Common family problems discussed in family therapy include those that come up during major life transitions (such as moving to a new city and starting a new job) or particularly stressful circumstances. Here are some specific challenges that are commonly discussed with our family therapists:

  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Other mental illnesses
  • Grief and loss, after a loved one’s death
  • Divorce or separation in the family
  • Behavioral problems in children or teens
  • Financial strain
  • Parenting conflicts

Some of the items on the list above are seen as individual problems. While they might start at the individual level, they often have negative effects on the family as a whole. Therefore, family therapy can prove to be an effective approach to treatment, even if it is supplemental treatment.

Whatever it is your family might be going through, the family therapists at Thriveworks Troy Counseling will use their skills, knowledge, and experience to help you work through it.

Are the Family Therapists at Thriveworks Troy Counseling Qualified to Help?

We set up our clients with only the best of the best mental health professionals in the area. These professionals have the skills, the experience, and the training that you would want your counselor or therapist to have! If you decide to come to Thriveworks Troy Counseling, you can trust that you’ll work with a qualified, licensed family therapist.

Family therapy is often a short-term therapy, in that families attend around 9 sessions. However, every family is different, which means they might require more or less sessions than the average! And that’s okay. Your family therapist will get to know your family and put your family on the right track to enjoying happier, healthier relationships with one another.

Work with a Family Therapist at Thriveworks Troy Counseling in Oakland County

Consider working with a family therapist at Thriveworks Troy Counseling in Oakland County, as soon as today or tomorrow. These professionals are here to help families, just like yours, work through conflict and improve their overall family dynamics. This form of therapy can prove beneficial to families who have been struggling for a long time, as well as those who have just started to have problems. Whatever the specifics, our family therapists are here to help.

To schedule family therapy at Thriveworks Troy Counseling, simply give our office a call. We’ll work with you to get you scheduled for a session that works for every family member!

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